How to Apply Acrylic Nails

Wondering how to apply acrylic nails? Just read on and try out this procedure to have those trendy acrylic nails and beautify your hands.
Acrylic nails are basically artificial nails that are glued on to your original nails to give them a pretty look. If you have small nails that do not grow faster, then just opt for these. This classic looking fingernail definitely adds up to your appearance. Acrylic nails will help you have those much desired, lovely looking fingers. You can have them in any length, any color, any shape and any design. Some use these as fashion, some use these because their original nails are small or brittle. In case you have small nails and want to attend a party tomorrow, just glue on these designer acrylic nails and get ready. Well, you might be wondering how to apply acrylic nails! So, here's one of the best ways to apply acrylic nails.

How to Apply Acrylic Nails at Home?
Here is a list of things that you'll need, to have the job of applying acrylic nails done perfectly.
  • Thinner
  • Acrylic powder
  • Acrylic nail tips
  • Orange stick
  • Nail filer
  • 150 grid nail buffer
  • Thin brush
  • Nail primer
  • Nail prep
  • Monomer
  • Clear coat
Start the procedure of how to apply acrylic nails by preparing your nails.

Step 1: Firstly clean your nail by removing the previous nail polish.

Step 2: Next, you need to disinfect them. Use an antibacterial hand wash to clean your hands and fingernails thoroughly. Keeping your nails soaked in water for few minutes is also a good idea.

Step 3: Trim and shape your nails using a filer. Take orange stick and push back the cuticles. Take the nail buffer and level the surface. Make it rough, it will be easier to work acrylic nails over such a surface.

Step 4: Now, apply a nail prep over all the nails. Next, you need to apply a single, even coat of nail primer. Once it dries well, move on to the next step of how to apply acrylic nails.

Step 5: It's time to start the tricky part of how to apply acrylic nails. Dip the brush in monomer and then into the acrylic powder. You must have an acrylic ball on the brush, take out the brush slowly.

Step 6: Now, rest your palm on a table and slowly proceed. Place this ball on your nail's base and carefully flatten it with the brush, spreading it all over the nail, moving the brush from the base towards the tip.

Step 7: When, the acrylic starts drying, immediately place the acrylic nail tip over it. Press it and squeeze it down. Now, keep the tip pressed for at least 30 seconds. Slowly check whether it is secure or not. That's it! You have fixed the acrylic nail. Repeat the procedure for all nails.

Step 8: Now, you can shape the tips according to your choice. If you have used plain white acrylic nails, paint them as desired. Finish the procedure of how to apply acrylic nails by application of a clear coat.

With nail art gaining popularity, acrylic nails are much in demand. There is a huge variety available in these to help you find a perfect piece for your nails. While, how to apply acrylic nails is not any more a difficult task, make sure you follow proper aftercare. There are a number of acrylic nail care products available in the market for this purpose. So, when are you getting those acrylic nails?
By Mamta Mule
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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