How to Ask a Girl Out

If you need to know how to ask a girl out on a date, you really need help. Don't worry. I am not patronizing you. I'll help you how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Read this article for all the help you need !
Well, I am a girl and I know that we are not so easy to ask out. But, what can you do? This is how it is. So, instead of making the wrong move again and again, heed my advice. Yes, I know you are nervous, and it's fine. She knows it too. Showing a little bit of nervousness is endearing, any more than that, is weird. Keep this advice on how and when to ask a girl out, in mind!

Steps for Asking a Girl Out on a Date

Step 1
First thing, does she know you? If yes, you can skip this step. If not, you need to get to work. Make sure she knows you or of you. Basically, she needs to be aware of your existence in her surroundings. Which means, you need to get introduced to her somehow. Keep a look out, do you have a friend who knows her? Any chance that you can meet at a party? Do you both have similar interests? Just find a way to have her associate your face with your name, without any bad or embarrassing memories. This will help create a good foundation for a healthy relationship.

Step 2
Ok, so now that she knows you a little bit, you can try to ask her out on a date, right? Wrong! Next step is flirting. Flirt a little bit. This will let her know that you are interested in her. More so, it will also let you know if she is repulsed by you or not. As in, if she laughs your flirts off, then she doesn't mind it. If she seems taken aback by it, or pretends to ignore it, you need to try a little harder. If she looks like she does not like your behavior, don't try. However, before you start flirting, find out if she is already dating someone. If not, good for you. If yes, back off!

Step 3
Now that you have established the flirting and made her laugh a couple of times, you can ask her out in person. Do not, I repeat, do not ask her out over email, chat or sms. It stinks of cowardice and makes you look like a wuss! You wouldn't want that, would you? So, ask her out in person, preferably when it is just the two of you. Ask her if she could speak to you, and take her aside. It is always better to avoid asking a girl out in front of others, it could get embarrassing. Now, beyond this, the method will differ on the basis of the age of the girl.

Asking a Girl Out ...

.. in Middle School
For middle school, you need to make sure that she knows you like her for what she is. She should not smell any ulterior motives for you asking her out. Take her aside and tell her that you like her. She might blush, wait till she is done. Then, ask her if she would go to the mall or a movie and dinner with you. If she says that she needs to ask her parents, it's fine. Tell her you will call her at night to find out. Then, continue talking to her about other things for sometime. Don't end the conversation abruptly. Then, before leaving, plant a light kiss on her cheeks, and leave. The kiss will make it clearer to her that you like her.

If she says yes, you need to have a plan ready in mind. Ask her for her suggestions. The best idea for the first date is a movie and dinner. Pick her up from her house, get her a romantic gift or chocolates. Mostly, parents prefer to meet the guy, so greet her parents well, and talk to them courteously. Go for a romantic movie, girls like that, mostly. Scary movies can be avoided, unless she likes them. Be a gentleman and buy her popcorn and coke during the movie. Don't let her stand in the line and don't let her pay! If she says no, be a sport. Don't look surprised or upset. Be cool about it and carry on the conversation as if nothing happened. It may be a no now, but it could be a yes later, right? These steps work well for asking out a girl in high school as well.

.. in College
College girls are a little bit different as compared to school girls. They are more mature and in for more fun. All in all, they are the perfect mix. So, asking a college girl out, should not be difficult. I am sure that by now you know how and when to take a girl out. Just make sure that she is not busy or drunk when you ask her out. On your first day, don't go to a party, or get her drunk. It is best if you stay relatively sober as well. Take her for a movie and dinner. Make it a classy affair. If she is an intellectual kind of girl, make it an artsy movie and French food. At least show her that you are making the effort.

Pick her up and be well-dressed. Do not curse or swear in front of her. Yes, she knows that you can, but she needs to see the gentleman side of you. Do not try to make any moves on her without her consent. You can give her a slight peck on the lips when you are picking her up though. End the date with a kiss. If you really like her and want a relationship with her, even if she invites you in, go in, but don't put out. Just fix the next date, so that she knows you are interested. Trust me, it works like a charm!

Well, I have let out a few secrets here, if you are perceptive enough to see them. Just one more relationship advice: if you goof up during the date, own up to it and laugh about it. Girls hate guys who deny their goof ups. This is where I sign off! All the best!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 1/17/2012
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