How to be a Successful Flirt

Do you feel nervous while conversing with your love interest? Are you always stuck at home on a beautiful Saturday night? It's time you read about ways to become a successful flirt and spice up your mundane life!
Successful flirting is not meant only for the bold at heart. Shy guys and gals can also master this art. Well, harmless flirting can never really cause grief to anyone else. In fact, it is considered to be the most enjoyable way to communicate with members of the opposite sex! If you flirt without any intention of harming the other person's feelings, you might even end up in a long-lasting relationship! Flirting should be looked upon as a way of making conversations more interesting. It should not make you appear really desperate for a relationship! After all, such a behavior can be a turn-off and you would end up repelling people instead of attracting guys or girls around you. While some are an expert at flirting, others have to work hard towards it! Well, all the shy guys and gals, come out of your shell and feel confident about yourself. Take a look at these tips, and who knows? You might end up with the person of your dreams really soon...

Avoid Trying to be Somebody Else

A bit of wit and a touch of humor, loads of confidence and a great attitude... this is what one needs for successful flirting! Having belief in self is needed. You must be aware of your positive traits to strike a good conversation. You should avoid appearing as if you are marketing yourself. It should be natural and this can happen only when you act your true self! There is no point in being somebody else because you cannot carry that image for long even if you do end up with an irresistible date.

Use Body Language to Communicate

When you are groping for words, body language can come to the rescue. Body language is useful to communicate your innermost thoughts and feelings. Pay careful attention to the way you talk. Use tonal variations! A genuine, warm smile and direct eye contact is also important! If you think the person is interested in you, a quick wink while conversing is also fine if you are familiar with him/her. Women can play with their hair and jewelry... this gives a direct signal about your interest in the other person. Men can run their fingers through their hair and flash a warm, sexy smile!

Add a Touch of Humor

Women love men with a great sense of wit and humor. Add a fun twist to whatever you say and be confident when you do so. A touch of humor in the conversation would leave each other on a high and also lighten the situation. A woman with a fun-loving nature can also showcase her wit while striking a conversation.

Use Subtle Compliments

Genuine compliments will surely help you get extra brownie points. Men need not make any exaggerated attempts, but do remember to compliment the woman before you, especially if she has made an extra effort to look her stunning best! Subtle and genuine compliments are always welcomed as they make a person feel really special. Women can compliment their man on things that are genuinely worth a mention. It could be on his professional life or how you find him attractive. Whatever you say, express it with conviction!

Avoid Over-The-Top Behavior

Guys, in particular, should note that the key to successful flirting is to forget those cheesy pick-up lines. Women have gone beyond that and would be more amused than attracted. And women, please note: Dressing up provocatively should be done tastefully. After all, no man would like his woman to look like she is screaming for attention!

Always ensure you pay attention to what the other person has to say. This is something many forget along the way! Flirting is fun and is a skill, but you would never know unless you attempt the same. So, shed your inhibitions and explore this new dimension of your personality!
By Kashmira Lad
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