How to Boost a WiFi Signal

Is a weak Wi-Fi signal bothering you? Refer to the following article and find some easy ways that will help explain how to boost a Wi-Fi signal that you receive from a router.
Some years ago, we came face to face with a world-changing technology called the Internet. In order to be able to use the Internet, we had to connect our PC's with long messy wires. Over the years, technology kept advancing and today, we use wireless networking systems. These wireless networking systems have given us the much-needed freedom from wires that held us down to a particular desk. Today, we can move about freely using laptops. Not just laptops, but also tablet PC's and our old faithful desktop computers too, can be connected to the Internet with wireless networks. However, a common complaint, faced by users, is a weak Wi-Fi signal while using wireless technologically. We shall take a look at a few tips that will help us learn how to boost a Wi-Fi signal on laptops, as well as computers.

Ways to Boost a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi signal is a type of radio wave. As the distance of the router from the laptop or computer increases, the signal becomes weaker. The wireless router acts as a transmitter, which is a source of Wi-Fi signal for the wireless adapter of the laptop that receives the signal. So, the output of the router and the distance between the router and adapter are dependent on each other for the Wi-Fi signal strength. Some simple modifications to your state-of-the-art routers will help in boosting the Wi-Fi signal received. If you are suffering from weak signals received on your laptops or computers, then the ways to boost a Wi-Fi signal may prove to be helpful.

Firmware Upgrade
The first thing to check is the router firmware. Most of the time, outdated versions of the router firmware tend to cause weak Wi-Fi signals. You should upgrade your wireless router's firmware to the latest version available. Also, installing the latest driver to the wireless adapter will also help in boosting a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Booster Antenna
Installing a Wi-Fi signal receiver booster antenna to the laptop will help in making the signal stronger. The Wi-Fi antenna booster will help to boost Wi-Fi reception and increase the speed of download considerably.

Signal Repeater
If you are using a Wi-Fi system in your office, or a large apartment, then you need to make sure the signal is received over large distances. For this, you need to install a Wi-Fi signal repeater. This device is very useful in catching the original signal and then amplifying the strength of the signal. This amplified signal is then transmitted over long distances. You should go in for long-range Wi-Fi repeaters that will help enhance Wi-Fi signal reception over distant places.

Output Power
The output power of the wireless router should be increased to boost the signal. You can do this by referring to the router manual and enhancing the signal reception on the laptop. Increasing the output power is one of the best ways of boosting Wi-Fi signal.

Extender Antenna
Again, people who are looking for wider coverage area, should go in for extender antenna. When attached to the router, the extender antenna will help increase the coverage area of the router and provide better Internet connectivity.

Router Position
It has been found, placement of the wireless router is very important to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal. If your router is placed in a particular room and you use your laptop or desktop in another room, the distance increases. The signal needs to pass through walls and furniture in order to reach your device. The best place to keep a router is in the center of the room. You can either place it on a table that is in the center of the room or else get it fitted on the ceiling if space is a problem. This will allow the signal to reach all the rooms in your apartment or office. In some cases, placing the router over a bookshelf or table also helps. Align your large furniture along the walls. This will help in increasing the range of Wi-Fi signal better. Wall mount the router, instead of placing it under or at the back of a desk.

New Router
The last option to boost a Wi-Fi signal is buying the latest router that provides high-speed of transmission as well as better signal strength. You can upgrade to wireless-N (802.11n). It is found to be faster and has better range along with stability.

This is all about how to boost a Wi-Fi signal. In case of home computing systems, the wireless-N (802.11n) is found to be the best router for long-range signal transmission. Try these simple ways to boost a Wi-Fi signal and see an improvement in your Internet connectivity.
By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: 10/6/2011
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