How to Change a Tire

Women often face a major problem when they see a flat tire. So do some men. So, to help out all the lost souls out there, here are instructions that can help you understand how to change a tire.
There is often a misconception (in the minds of chauvinistic men) that women are incapable of solving car problems, like changing tire. Typical mumbo jumbo, I am a woman, and voila! I am here, giving you instructions on changing a tire. For all you women out there, who don't know how to change a tire, here is your chance to get to it.

How to Change a Car Tire
  • Read your manual carefully. Yes I know it is a bit too late now. However, it is important to know the location and nature of the equipment in your car, to know how to change a flat tire. Hence, read the manual.
  • Use the jack to lift the car a bit. This is required to be able to remove the darned flat tire. So, once you have the jack in place, you can get to work.
  • Once the pressure of the car is not falling on the tires, you can remove the tire. There should be a lug nut removal tool in your tool box. It is mostly a part of the auto parts. Use it to remove the lug nuts. This will make the tire slip right out of the axle.
  • Now is when you place your spare where the flat one was. See the placement of the lug nuts and put the tire on the axle.
  • Once you are convinced that the tire is secure enough on the lug nuts, you can tighten the lug nuts. Need I add that the lug nuts need to be fastened securely before you start driving again.
  • Now you put the flat tire where the spare tire was and the tool kit in its original position. As soon as you find a mechanic, repair the flat tire.
This procedure should work for any 3 or 4 wheeler autos.

How to Change a Bicycle Tire
  • Remove the wheel with the help of the quick releaser axle. It is there in most of the bikes. For the ones that don't have the quick releaser axle, use a wrench to loosen the nuts, that hole the wheel on the axle. The tire will be free to pull out.
  • Deflate the tire completely. This is, in case you are changing the tire for some reason other than it being flat.
  • There will be a rounded tool in your tool box. Slide the tool between the tire and the rim and carefully pry the tire out of the rim. Make sure that you do not damage either the tire or the rim.
  • Now, slide the tool between the tire and the rim, working it around the circumference of the rim.
  • Once the tire pops out, remove the tire and the tube.
  • Now take the new tire and slip one edge of it in to the rim. This can mostly be done by hands itself. Place the inner tube inside the new tire. Taking care to line up the inner tube valve with the valve hole in the rim. Now, make sure that you push the tube into the tire as far as possible.
  • Now, push the second edge of the tire onto the rim as much as possible. Use your hands for this.
  • In case a portion of the tire hasn't gotten in place use the rounded tool and insert in between the rim and that portion.
  • Now, lever the tool upwards and pressure the tire over the rim edge. You can use a second tool to push the tube into place, if required.
  • Roll the tire gently over the rim. Be very careful while doing this, as the tire can snap a little, causing air leaks.
  • Inflate the tire to the right pressure and replace the wheel on the bicycle.
Even though the tools required may differ, the basic procedure would remain the same for most 2 wheelers.

So, looks like you, now, know how to change a flat tire in any vehicle. Its best if you make sure that all the tools of your vehicle are in their respective places. This way, they can be found easily in case of emergencies. This is where I sign off!! Have fun!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 10/11/2011
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