How to Clean and Organize Your Room Fast

Looking for different ways of cleaning and organizing your room fast so that you don't have to waste all day cleaning up? This article will give you some effective ways of how to go about it. Read on...
What happens when you receive a call from your friends or relatives that they will be coming to your place within an hour? You can't say no to them, but you are also worried about how to organize your home, and especially your room within such a short span of time?! Or if you are relaxed during the weekend, and you have plans to go out with your friends, or watch a movie coming up on television that you have been anxiously waiting to see, and suddenly your mom orders you to clean your room fast or else you will be punished... what would you do then?? Spend your holiday cleaning the room, or sit in front of television with a bowl of popcorn and watch the movie?! I am sure we have come across these situations at some or the other point of our lives, but relax! If you are wondering how to clean and organize your room fast, so that you can enjoy the rest of the day, this article will give you some effective tips and tricks to finish off this huge task within a short span of time. Read on to find out how.

Tips on Cleaning and Organizing Your Room Quickly

Now, before you start cleaning your room, you must make sure that once you start the task, you should not leave the room till you finish the task, because, even if you leave the room once to get a small thing, like a mop, you may end up doing something else and your room remains messy and unorganized for a longer period than you estimated. So make sure that you get all the things that you require to clean and organize your room, like a duster, vacuum cleaner, mop, dustbin, etc. Once you have all the things needed, you are ready to clean your room.

Avoid Any Distractions
Remember, the more you get distracted, the later will it take to organize and clean your room, and your last resort would be to dump all your stuff in the closet and clean up a more messier room later on! If you don't want to do that, keep away your cell phone, pager, etc., until you finish your task.

Put on Some Energetic Music
Now listening to some good music to get that energy kick is not a distraction. In fact, you wouldn't even realize how quickly your work would be done while listening to it... unless, of course, you don't start dancing instead of cleaning! This can also be considered as one of the creative ways to organize your room fast! If you want, you can also set up some time limits and targets, like finish off with one corner, or one section of cleaning before a song or two ends! This will increase your speed and cleaning would be more like a game that you're playing. A perfect combination of work and fun, isn't it?

Start Organizing Your Clothes and Shoes
Two things which contribute a major part in messing up our rooms are our clothes and our shoes. Sort out your clothes and separate the clean ones from the dirty ones. Fold your clean clothes and set them in the closet, and throw away the dirty clothes in the laundry bag, so that they can be washed later on. Similarly, take the pile of shoes accumulated under your bed and around, and organize them properly in the shoe rack. Don't forget to take out the socks from them and keep them in the laundry bag!

Arrange the Rest of the Items
The next step to organize your room fast is to arrange all the distorted items properly. These may include your mobile charger, laptop, books and documents, music CDs and DVDs, bags, make-up, accessories, sports or gym equipment, etc. If you have time, then take a duster and clean them properly and place them in the area where they belong. If you are quick, then this shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

The Next Step, Cleaning!
By cleaning, I mean vacuuming the entire room after you have placed all the things where they should be placed! Start with the dirtiest corner of your room and then go on to the spots which do not appear all that dirty. If you have a hard flooring, and if time permits, then you can also mop the floor to give it a more clean and neat look!

The Finishing Touch
Now that you have cleaned and organized your room completely, what could be the finishing touch? A room freshener! Spray some nice room freshener all over the room to breathe in some fresh and nice smelling air. A room that smells good, makes the person stay in there for a longer time.

If you avoid any distractions and follow the aforementioned steps without losing focus, you would find your room absolutely spic and span, and get to enjoy the rest of the day without any burden of cleaning and organizing. Don't forget to watch that movie with some popcorn, once you are done. After all, after all this work, you deserve some rest!
By Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: 9/21/2011
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