How to Clean Double Pane Windows

Everyone must be tidying their house when you may come up with a question 'Now, how to clean double pane windows?' Get the answer to this in the following article that will make your work easier than it seems. Read on...
After purchasing a bungalow or a flat, you would surely want the windows to be sturdy, weather proof and look good. The best way to go about it is by the installation of double pane windows which would just be perfect and give protection against the changing temperatures, sunrays, UV rays and help maintain a balance in the outer and inner environment. Cleaning could take much of your time since these are made up of 2 glass panes filled with an inert gas in between.

The most common problems associated with replacement windows, mainly double-paned windows is the accumulation of fog inside them mainly due to lack of proper installation of the windows or a possible leakage. Fog can be quite irritating since it makes the windows look unsightly and unpleasant creating hindrance in the view. Apart from fogging, if the window is spoiled because of any stains, then you would need to work a bit harder in removing those using window cleaning substances. When you observe such a situation, double pane window replacement is not necessarily required always. What you could do is clean it properly through the steps given below.

Step #1
Initially, you need to gather all the materials required which would be plastic tubing, waterproof putty, a drill, window cleaning solution, bucket, clear tape, and sharp needle.

Step #2
Take the drill and make holes on two opposite diagonals of the window and that too at the corners of the glass pane. This would seem to be difficult however, make sure the hole isn't too big.

Step #3
Now that the holes are made, just wait for sometime for the fog to vent out. If fog is the issue that is troubling and spoiling your windows, then it will get solved easily. After sometime you will see the moisture between double pane windows disappear. However, this might take days as well.

Step #4
If there are a few nasty stains on the glasses, then you need to buy plastic tubing which would fit in the holes perfectly. Make sure the tubing are long enough and insert them inside the holes. Secure them with the help of waterproof putty so that they don't detach.

Step #5
Keep a plastic bucket near the bottom pane plastic tubing so that cleaning solution gets collected in there.

Step #6
With the help of a funnel, pour the glass buffer from the upper pane plastic tubing inside, between the 2 glasses. While it is flowing, it will clean all the stains and get collected in the bucket kept at the bottom of the lower plastic tubing. You can also use dry vacuum pump to siphon the liquid out.

Step #7
Remove the tubing and let the windows dry for some days to come after which, tape the holes with a clear adhesive tape and puncture them with a needle. This will help prevent insects enter inside as well as allow comfortable ventilation. In worst cases, you would need to repair the windows.

There you are; done with the cleaning of the double pane window! I hope you have gotten the necessary solutions. It might seem to be a tough initially but if you follow the steps properly and seek help from your family members, you ought to be successful in this. If you are planning to install one, then go through the cost. All the best!
By Mrunmayi Deo
Published: 11/30/2010
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