How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

How to get rid of a stuffy nose at home? If this is what you've been wondering about, then look no further, as here you will find the answer to the question...
All of us have suffered from the slow torment that is a stuffy nose! Yes, this annoying little and simple problem can make our life hell and prevent us from doing any work peacefully! A person can have a stuffy nose due to many reasons, ranging from something as simple as a common cold to a serious condition like upper respiratory infections. However, in most cases, a stuffy nose is merely a mild and bothersome condition that can be dealt with, with the help of some simple home remedies.

Home Remedies for a Stuffy Nose
  • One of the simple cures, which you will see is universally accepted is steam. Taking a bowl of hot water and leaning over it, so that you inhale the steam, almost instantly melts the blocked mucus and phlegm away. You can even add an antibacterial agent to the steam, like eucalyptus leaves, to aid in the treatment.
  • One simple thing that'll have your nose leaking like Wikileaks in no time is spicy food! Yes, spicy food helps to increase the secretions and you must have noticed, that when you eat very spicy food, your eyes often start watering. Well, it's not just your eyes but even the nose becomes runny on eating spicy food. Surely, an easy and tasty way of attaining stuffy nose relief.
  • Taking a nice hot shower also helps to relax the body and also aids in clearing up a blocked nose.
  • While sleeping, try and sleep in a non-horizontal position. In simple words, simply place a few pillows underneath your head, so that it's propped up slightly. If you sleep in this position, then you let gravity do its work and after a while, you will feel much better.
  • I'm sure all of you have heard of a neti pot. This is a small and simple pot with a long spout. You just need to take this pot and fill it with warm liquid or a special neti pot solution and then pass it through one nostril at a time. This is a great option for those suffering from a stuffy nose. This is also used in sinus drainage.
  • Sometimes, you may have a stuffy nose because of excessive dryness. In such cases, nothing works better than a humidifier. As a home remedy, you can place a humidifier in your house and your vicinity to help increase the humidity level in your house.
  • Eating hot soup or drinking hot beverages also aids in getting rid of a stubborn stuffy nose. Sipping ginger tea and green tea is especially said to be of great help.
  • There are very specific stuffy nose remedies for babies, as not all the above given remedies are suitable for all age groups. So,when it comes to baby stuffy nose remedy, it is best to use a suction device or saline water.
  • Diet has a paramount role to play in treating a common cold or a stuffy nose. You need to increase your intake of vitamin C, if you find yourself suffering from a stuffy nose very often.
  • If the above given remedies don't work, then you can use certain medicines or decongestants to treat a stuffy nose.
This was all about getting rid of a stuffy nose easily with the help of some simple yet effective tips. So, the next time you see yourself cringing because of a stuffy nose, don't just reach for that stash of antibiotics; instead try out these simple remedies which work wonders, especially if you have a stuffy nose during pregnancy. And if nothing at all seems to work, then it's best to visit a doctor, so that he may evaluate your condition and then treat you accordingly.
By Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Published: 11/29/2010
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