How to Cure Eczema on Hands

For all those who suffer from eczema, this article offers certain effective tips, home remedies and possible treatment options for the same. Read on...
If the skin on your hands is itchy, red, inflamed, flaky and extremely dry, it's possible that you are suffering from eczema. Sometimes, along with these symptoms, certain rashes and blisters might also appear on the hands. Eczema is not only uncomfortable, but can be quite embarrassing too. Given below are some effective treatment options as well as home remedies for curing eczema on the hands.

Causes of Eczema on Hands

Before proceeding to learn how to get rid of eczema on hands, let's have an insight on the reasons behind this skin condition. The exact causes are still not known, however, there are some factors and conditions which contribute to its occurrence and aggravation.
  • A weak or hyperactive immune system may lead to development of this medical condition.
  • If the circulation of blood to any body part is hampered, eczema can develop on that body part.
  • Genetics have a big role to play in the development of this condition too. Certain people may be genetically sensitive to environment allergens such as dust, mites, pollens, etc.
  • Hand eczema can occur due to allergies caused by coming in contact with fabric, detergents, soaps, dyes, metals, etc.
  • Indigestion or any other infection in the body can also trigger eczema on the hands.
  • Eating certain kinds of food may produce an allergic reaction in the form of eczema.
  • Changes in temperature, extremely cold climate and stress may aggravate eczema in some people.
Remedies for Curing Eczema

There is no permanent cure for this skin condition. However, you can certainly take some steps to avoid aggravating it.

To avoid and heal eczema, keep your hands well-moisturized. Either you can ask your doctor to recommend you a suitable moisturizer or buy one yourself which is cream based. Remember, not to ever let your hands develop dry skin. Before sleeping in the night, moisturize your hands properly by rubbing a thick moisturizer in between fingers and all other dry areas on the hand. Follow it up by wearing moisturizing gloves.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals
Avoid contact with chemicals found in detergents, dish washing soaps, cosmetics, etc. So, make it a point to wear gloves while doing household chores. Even while cooking, try not to touch foods like ginger, onions, fruit juices and certain vegetables.

To avoid and cure eczema on hands, do not keep your hands in water for long as it may dry them out. Always use lukewarm water for taking bath, washing and cleaning as too hot or too cold water can dry the skin on hands. While washing clothes, take off your rings as they may trap detergents and cause an allergic reaction. As far as possible, keep stress at bay by undertaking exercises, yoga or meditation regularly. Lastly, never try to scratch or pick the eczema as it may aggravate it even further.

Natural Cures
Applying neem oil and coconut oil, has a very soothing and healing effect on the eczema-affected skin. Eating certain foods such as flax-seed oils and musk melons can help reduce inflammation to a great extent. Applying a paste of sandalwood and camphor on the hands everyday, keeps eczema from aggravating too.

However, if you see no improvement in your skin condition, despite following all the tips mentioned above and your hands start developing cracks and bleeding, you should consult a dermatologist immediately. You will have to undergo an allergy test to determine the possible reasons behind your skin condition. The dermatologist will prescribe topical steroids, emollients, lotions and some oral antibiotics, which should be taken/applied as recommended, to get rid of the symptoms.
By Aastha Dogra
Published: 10/13/2010
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