How to Design Your Own Home

It is really not that difficult to fathom how to design your own home. After all, your home needs to be the perfect example to your personality, right? So, here is help for you, while you try to design your humble abode. Read on...
You know how they say, "home is where the heart is"? Well, they say right. These days many families prefer designing their house themselves, just to make sure that the house is unique and the perfect personification to their personalities. I agree, and have done the same thing. The beauty of designing your own home, is that you can do it just the way you like it. No rules, no matches, whatever you decide, will look great. Here are a few guidelines on home decorating that should help you sort out the picture of your home, for you, in your mind!

Home Designing Tips

Step 1
Before you set out to looking at catalogs and albums, sit down (if you are a family, all of you will need to be together for this) and start listing things that you want for the home. Remember, once you start looking at catalogs, you may forget the tiny details. So, if you have always wanted lampshades in the living room, and different colored walls all over the house, make a list of it. Once your list is made, you will have pictured your house tentatively.

Step 2
Now that you are done picturing how you wish to design your home, sit down with a pile of home decor catalogs. Take your time at this level. Mind you, movies and sitcoms also hold good ideas that you can adopt in the designing of the home. Get pictures of all the ideas that you liked, and tally them with your list. Mark all the correct things in the pictures. If there are any new additions that you wish to make to the list, do that as well.

Step 3
Now that you have a clearer idea about what you wish your house to look like, research. The right kind of research is absolutely essential in order to get the right things. Check out different shops for the home furniture or the curtains, or the carpets. Get in all the rates, there is a chance you may not get exactly what you need, find out how much you are willing to adjust, in that case. Like, you may want a black carpet, which may not be available, so will you settle for a gray or a blue? Look out for all the options. Explore the flea market as well, the variety there can be overwhelming, though.

Step 4
Once you have all the rate quotations, you can narrow down your purchases. Make sure you take measurements of the house for the furniture. Before you get the furniture in, make sure the painting is done. When it comes to painting, don't let the painters attack the entire house simultaneously. This can get a little stressing, as you will see mess everywhere. Let them take up one room at a time and finish it before they move to the next. If you are doing the painting yourself (which can be a great project) then it is best to follow the same thumb rule.

Step 5
Once the house is painted, (and the paint has dried) you can start bringing in the furniture. This process is best done slowly. This is because doing it in a hurry can lead to forgetfulness. More so, if you do it slowly, you give yourself room for more ideas. Let's face it, more ideas are always welcome, right? In case you are moving really heavy furniture or objects around the house, make sure to have hired help for the same. This way, a bit of the load can be shared. Women, need to make sure that they, either gain full knowledge of the work involved, or get help for the same.

Step 6
Rome wasn't built in a day, right? Well, then do you think you can fathom how to make your own house look perfect in the first attempt itself? Well, some lucky ducks manage doing that very easily. However, people often need a buffer time to get the house set in the perfect, most comfortable manner. Like, you may have pictured the couch on a certain spot, however, two days in, you may feel that it is better elsewhere. Give yourself that room for doubt and improvement. More so, keep the interior designing relatively flexible so that you can make these changes. One of my friends, has cane furniture and bean bags in the house. They are easy to move, and that is just what she does.

Step 7
Many people think that colors and their combination have to be in a certain way. If you are being influenced by any people of that sort, tell them to shut it! Do you remember Monica Gellar's (in the Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S) apartment? It is eclectic. She is a neat freak perfectionist, and that is exactly what her house looks like. Similarly, Chandler Bing's (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) is untidy and unruly, much like himself. So, I hope you have gotten the picture that I am trying to show you. If you wish to experiment with eccentric colors and unusual ideas, go ahead. It's your house, make it your home now.

These 7 deadly steps really help gather perspective about designing your own home. Mind you, it is no laughing matter. You may save money (from hiring a professional decorator), but you will need to invest a lot of time. Hence, do not put yourself on a dead-lined target to design your home. Let it take time, but let it be perfect. If it is not what you wanted, your heart will never be in it. Then, it will be a house, not a home. So, enjoy this blissful process. This is where I sign off! Happy designing!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 1/17/2012
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