How to Forget You

For a friend...
You said she left you,
The girl who owns your heart.
You said you love her so true,
Not knowing, I also love you from the start.

Tell me how can I comfort you,
When my heart is broken too.
How can I make you smile,
When tears are falling from my eyes.

How can I make you feel bright,
When it’s me whose crying at night.
How can I show you more,
When she’s the only one you adore.

Tell me how can I feel better,
If you’re not meant to me forever.
Please tell me how can I mend my heart,
If you’re not aware you had a part.

Tell me what to do,
Tell me how can I forget you,
Tell me how to move on,
When I know I’ll die if you’ll be gone.
Published: 7/12/2013
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