How to French Kiss

How to French kiss? Gosh, it may seem to be a trivial issue to some, but hey, it is very important to many. In fact, those who think they know how to French kiss brilliantly, should read this article as well. Not to criticize, but to check if you're doing it all right!
What is a French kiss? It is a kiss, wherein the tongue is also used. It is a step further into intimacy. In fact, I take it as the beginning act of the rock concert to warm up everyone, before Pink Floyd comes out (as Chandler from the TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, would put it). I hope you get my drift. French kissing is not only for increased sexual intimacy, but to bring two people closer together. It is the blissful experience that makes two people come so close together that, for those few minutes, no one else exists. Ooops, I guess I made you a little bit more tensed. Don't worry dear one, you're learning how to french kiss and I am teaching you (in theory, of course).

French Kissing Tips

Point 1
I hope you all know that bad breath is a big turn off. Anytime! So, when you are kissing, this bad breath can make the experience terrible. Make sure your breath is fresh. Besides, I know my readers are great people. I am sure you do brush regularly and use a mouth freshener otherwise. Hence, let's skip this step and move on ahead to learn how to french kiss.

Point 2
A french kiss begins like any normal kiss. Make sure your eyes are closed. As they say, "Never trust someone who keeps their eyes open while kissing". More so, it is slightly creepy to keep your eyes open. Closing your eyes, will make you savor and enjoy the kiss more.

Point 3

How to French kiss a girl
For a guy, starting the french kiss is different than for the girl. Firstly, you need to make sure that the girl is comfortable with you French kissing her. As this is a step further towards intimacy, she may or may not want to carry on. So, how to take permission to enter her mouth? Slide your tongue lightly on her lower lip. This is a very carnal way of taking permission. Hence, she will get it. If she opens her mouth, then you can carry on. Pull her closer to you and touch her tongue with yours slightly. Rub the side of her tongue with yours. Be light and slow the first time. Use your hands at the same time as well. Rub the small of her back and reduce any possible gap between the two of you. Run your hands over her and through her hair. However, don't pull her hair or mess them up. She is kissing you, she ain't going anywhere. She will stay, you don't need to force her, right?

How to French kiss a guy
French kissing a guy is not that difficult as most guys are ready to move further in the intimacy. A girl can take permission the same way as the guy does. Get yourself closer to him and lock your hands around his neck. Guys' tongues are a bit more sensitive as compared to girls, so even a slight touch will increase the passion levels. You can also try wiggling your tongue at the tip of his. Trust me, it works. Let your hands do a little exploring of their own as well. Run your hands up their side, and their chest. Let your fingers explore his hair. Guys don't mind their hair getting ruined while kissing, in fact, a little tug may drive them further into insanity.

Point 4
Breathing while kissing is important. While it can be very easy to forget doing so, it is important to take breaths while kissing. Some people find it sexy to share breaths, for them, breathing from the mouth can increase the excitement. Taking deep breaths during the French kiss is extremely arousing for the other person as it lets them know that you are enjoying the kiss and don't want to let go.

Point 5
While French kissing is a lot of fun, don't just stick to it. Mix it up. Break the French kiss and give each other small lip butterfly kisses too. You can move on to the neck and collar bones as well. It is extremely arousing when both the kissers are making sure there is no distance between them. So, ensure that at all times. Running your hands on your partners cheeks during the kiss is a sign of caring. So, do that too.

A very important point to know is that in a couple, when one is aroused, the other can get aroused very easily. It is just the chemistry of it. So, if you want to increase the heat in your relationship, French kissing is the way to go. While it is very easy to go even further after a French kiss, it is important to make sure that both are ready for it. Just one more trivia, French kissing is officially considered as foreplay! This is where I sign off! Kiss away!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 10/10/2011
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