How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Well, time once lost can never be got back. But, an ex-boyfriend is a whole new ball game. You can certainly get him back, if you are smart and observant. Learn how to rekindle your love with an almost lost flame, right here!
So, the two of you had a bad fight and decided to call it quits! You were strong for a while, but you just spotted him with some chick and realized that you are still in love with him and really want him back! Sounds familiar? Well, relationship mistakes cannot be evaded. Premature breakups are a normal event in 80% of relationships. So, in case you made a similar error and are wondering how to get ex boyfriend back, fret not my dear; this article will help you get your boyfriend back!

Ways to Get Back to Your Boyfriend

Method 1
Ok, let us not ignore the obvious. Often a sincere and loving phone call can work wonders to bring him back to you. You need to gather the courage and contact him. You could try writing him a letter as well. This will make him realize that you miss him and remind him how much he loves you. He will at least feel like giving the relationship one more chance. That is exactly what you are asking for, right? But, make sure that you don't sound desperate. Be the woman he fell in love with, when you call him. It will work better that way.

Method 2
Don't show much impact. That is, don't let him know that the breakup has broken you down. Carry on with your life and prove it to him that you are a strong, independent and secure woman. Mostly, these qualities are seductive to men and he will find himself attracted to you again. More so, it is statistically seen that a man only realizes his loss of a relationship, when he sees that the woman is over it. So, by you being normal, together and healthy, and by not showing that you are working on getting your boyfriend back, he will start missing you. Bottom line, he will want you back!

Method 3
Be his friend. This one is super effective. Explain to him that just because your relationship didn't work out, does not mean that the two of you can't be friends. Be his friend. He is used to you, and due to the friendship the habit will not change. More so, this will give you time to become his confidante and give him time to see you in a new light. Soon, the friendship will grow and probably turn into a relationship again! More so, being his friend, you can show him how no other girl can be good enough for him, and how you are just perfect for each other.

Method 4
Jealousy works wonders, trust me. It may seem petty and "guy-like", but it works. Let him see you with some other guy. Preferably someone he does not "approve of" or someone who is better looking or more popular than him. This will make him insecure and angry. After a little while he will start wondering whether he made a mistake breaking up with you. Ok! I don't know exactly how, but this really does happen. This method will work even better if you make sure that he sees the "new guy" treat you like a queen and pamper you. It would also help, if you could, somehow make sure that he hears the "new guy" speak of you as if you are a gift in his life. That will work as an eye-opener. Trust me!

Method 5
Now, in case he has moved on before you, befriend the "new woman". That is, find a way to become her friend, best friend. This will bring you closer to their relationship. Now, I am not going to say it, but manipulation is easier when you are closer. More so, being your friend, she will speak highly of you, to him. Again, eye opener! You can pretend to take the high road and that will make him want you even more! So bottom line, befriend the "new woman" and you could find a way to eliminate her from the picture. Evil, I know! But a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!!

However, my best advice is, whichever of these methods you try out, before actually implementing them, think to yourself why you want him back? If it is only for the ego boost or because he is popular, I suggest you drop it. But, if it is because you truly love him and breaking up was, indeed, a mistake, then honesty and love will help you bridge the differences and get your boyfriend back. This is where I sign off! You Go Girl!!
By Rashida Khilawala
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