How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

Need to know how to get pregnant soon? Read the following article for some great tips and tricks.
You think it's time to have a baby, he thinks it's time to have a baby, and both sets of parents have been saying it's time to have a baby for eons now. You finally agree with them (it had to happen sometime, you agreeing with them, that is) So you've been trying for a kid, but trying and succeeding are two different concepts. There are hardly a few couples who get pregnant quickly - like the minute they decide they want to and they get pregnant. Hardly ever. Now what if I told you that there are some ways by which you could get pregnant, and fast? Of course you're asking how? Patience. Patience. Just read the following article and it'll answer your question well enough, easy tips will follow and the solution will present itself. All you'll need to do then, is to do what comes naturally to you (get the drift?).

Getting Pregnant Fast and Easy

So, how to get pregnant fast and easy? First of all, there is no room for snapping of the fingers and getting pregnant. You need to go through the motions to welcome home baby. But there are ways of getting pregnant, and if you follow them, it will definitely up your chances of getting into the pregnancy mode. Getting pregnant requires careful planning and preparation (so much for being spontaneous huh?) but at the end of it, it'll all be worth it. In the following sections, we will provide you with some tips for getting pregnant that you can follow.

The Age Factor
The good news is that even if men age, their sperm stays healthy enough. The bad news is that as women age, their chances of conceiving become slimmer and slimmer. Studies have proven that women in their early 20s have the highest chances of conceiving, which will just get more and more difficult as their age progresses. So if you want to follow the whole routine about the best age to get pregnant, you should tap in early. This is the natural way of looking at things. But if you take into consideration the progress that science and technology has made, then you'll find examples of women getting pregnant way into their 50s as well. So this is not the only thing to be looking into.

Calculate Ovulation Time
Ovulation is the time when the eggs are released by the ovaries. This is the basic step you will want to cover when you're thinking of getting pregnant. So, how do you know when you're ovulating? Keep this simple math in mind, a woman will ovulate around 2 weeks after the first day of her period. So, if you're fairly regular, you should be able to calculate it. If not, you can always get an ovulation kit or visit your gynecologist. Some women even rely on the consistency of their cervical fluid. Usually, the cervical discharge is quite thin, but it'll thicken when one ovulates. Though this is not a very reliable method, it gives one an idea of when a woman is ovulating and can therefore get pregnant.

Don't Stress
You know what stress does? Stress releases bad hormones in the body and kills any chance you have of getting pregnant. Couples who are constantly questioning and lamenting about the fact that they haven't conceived yet, find it even more difficult to get pregnant than those couples who take things in a more easy manner. Do a favor for yourself and stop thinking about it so much.

This goes for both men and women. Make sure that you stop smoking and giving in to any other form of substance abuse the second you decide to get pregnant. You'll only be putting yourself up for failure if you create an environment in your body that is going to kill the sperm and the ovum. Even if it doesn't kill it, the sperm will be unhealthy. Make sure you have a healthy diet which includes plenty of greens, carrots, yogurt, fruits and drink lots and lots of water.

Getting Intimate
And by intimate, I don't mean get into the act mechanically. Do it like you mean it. Better news? It's been proven that women who orgasm during sex have a much higher chance of getting pregnant. So if you enjoy what you're doing, there are bound to be results. Yes, of course the calculation of when you're ovulating is important to keep in mind and plan accordingly. Start having sex a few days before you ovulate to up your chances. As for the men, they need to keep their sperm in good condition and make sure that they do not squander it away on acts other than intercourse (I hope you're getting what I'm saying)

There. That's all there is to the whole drama revolving how to get pregnant fast and easy. There is no drama really, you see? It's all very simple. You just need to know the intricacies and then just do what you've been doing all along. Not difficult at all.
By Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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