How to Get Rid of Belly Fat in Men

This article will tell you how to get rid of belly fat - for men. It gives you the exact way to do it without extreme diets or any scam products.
In this age of metrosexuality men have become more conscious about their physique. Six pack abs and eight pack abs are the 'in things'. But that has also led to many scam products hitting the market. What we don't realize is that naturally we are meant to have perfect bodies (what we call perfect is simply the natural shape of the body). Although, today's lifestyle is messing it up. Don't worry though there are simple ways in which you can reveal the natural shape of your body which currently hiding beneath all the fat. The following article will tell you how to get rid of belly fat - for men.

Get Rid of Belly Fat - The Myth Buster

In this quest of knowing how to get rid of belly fat for men, let's bust some myths first. You cannot crunch your way to a flat stomach or six pack abs. No doubt, crunches and other abdominal exercises will give you stronger abdominal muscles but they will not burn the fat. So even if you have built eight pack abs, they won't show before losing the belly fat. To lose belly fat you have to do the age-old full body exercises like aerobics, cardio, etc. Another myth is that you can lose fat by eating less. That leads to low carb high protein diets and other forms of crash diets. That way you lose only water weight from your body which is temporary. For permanent weight loss follow the exercises for love handles and belly fat along with the diet given in the subsequent paragraphs.

Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat - for Men

Do not go for any abdominal exercises to lose belly fat. Confused? Don't be. As I have already said, these exercises will give you stronger muscles but what you really want right now is to lose the belly fat. Also, over doing these exercises can lead to severe back aches. So what exercises to do to lose belly fat? Walking, jogging and cycling is the simple answer. Brisk walk or jog or go cycling for 30 minutes everyday and go for a 45 minute extreme cardio exercises to lose belly fat, like mountain climbing, once a week. Once you lose some weight, start with some easy exercises to lose belly fat. Overexercising will NOT lead to quicker results but consistency will. Bring in some variations like aerobic exercises, kick boxing, dancing etc. twice or thrice a week. Also, make the changes gradually don't just start working out for two hours straight. Instead start with a simple ten minute power walk. Let your body get used to the changes. Our bodies have evolved in such a way that sudden changes lead to fat storage because the body feels like you are going through difficult times and stores fat as a disaster management mechanism. So start doing simple cardio exercises, increase the intensity slowly and do them regularly.

Diet to Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast - for Men

Now, whatever exercises you do, they are useless until you are taking a matching diet that consists of foods that burn belly fat. Your diet decides the effectiveness of your workouts. I am not giving any calorie counts or specific foods list here. Just eat home cooked food in small quantities distributed over the day. Have six small meals of whatever you like, that is made at home. Don't wait till you are very hungry and don't eat till you are too full. Don't follow any diet because you cannot eat steamed vegetables forever. The day you start feeling that there's a weight loss you are going to start rewarding yourself with pastries and chocolates. To make this weight loss is a permanent one, eat normal food that does not leave you craving for chocolates. Once in a while treat yourself with your favorite food, just watch the quantity. This will avoid the binge eating sessions. Another important thing is to drink a lot of water. Because sometimes your body is not able to differentiate between hunger and thirst. The easiest way to ensure ample water intake is to drink half a glass of water every half hour. Follow all the above tips to lose belly fat to get the body that you always wanted.

To sum up this article on how to get rid of belly fat - for men, I would say the best way to burn belly fat is to eat simple homemade food in small quantities six times a day, drink half a glass of water every half hour and exercise regularly, focusing on the quality instead of quantity of the exercise.
By Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: 10/14/2011
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