How to Get Rid of Gnats

For those who want to know how to get rid of gnats, keeping one's house clean, using vinegar and refraining from over-watering their plants are some ways to address the problem. Here is some more information on the same.
Gnats are those pesky small flies that hover over food that is left uncovered. It is not just food but dirty drains, unclean sink in the kitchen and corners of the house that remain moist, that attract gnats. Not that these creatures cause any severe problem. But these flies come in swarms and their very presence, as the buzz around in the house, can be quite a nuisance. Those who have faced the problem know how annoying their presence can be.

Various Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

Trap Them!
One way to do away with gnats is to lure them with what they love - food! Place a piece of fruit in the house where you expect gnats to come swarming in. It would be just a matter of some minutes before you see hundreds of these small flying insects over the fruit. Spray some chemical agent on it. This would kill the gnats instantly. Another popular trap that you could use for getting rid of gnats in your house is the banana trap. Place a piece of banana in a bowl. Pour some water in the bowl. Cover the bowl with a piece of paper and secure the paper around the bowl with a rubber band. Make a few holes in the paper and leave it overnight inside the house. The next morning you would find a large number of gnats either drowned or still trapped in the bowl.

Use Vinegar
Most of you must have heard about using vinegar to get rid of gnats. Gnats love the smell of vinegar and are easily attracted to it. Hence they are also commonly referred to as the vinegar flies. Fill a bottle with some vinegar (don't fill it up to the brim). Make some holes in the cap and leave the bottle in the kitchen. Gnats will be attracted by the smell of vinegar. They would try to enter the bottle. They would succeed in doing that but won't be able to climb back up the bottle. As a result, a large number of them will be drowned in the vinegar. Another way is to make a mixture of vinegar and soap in a bowl. Gnats will get attracted by vinegar in the bowl. Once they try to land on the fluid, they will get trapped as the soap solution won't let the gnats fly away.

Use a Hair Dryer
Yes, you can put your hair dryer to other uses than just drying hair and one of those uses is to get rid of gnats. Just hold the hair dryer with its back towards the swarm of gnats. The suction force created at the back of the hair dryer will pull in these annoying insects in.

How to Prevent Gnats from Getting in the House

The best way of keeping gnats out of the house is to keep the environment free of things that attract them. As already mentioned, food is one of them. Hence ensure that no food is left outside overnight. Even if you have to leave some out of the refrigerator, be sure that it is covered. Don't let unwashed dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. Keep the trash can covered. Clean the sink and empty the trash cans regularly. Keep areas below the sink or other places where water tends to collect, dry. Ensure that the drains in your locality are covered.

Other than these, those with houseplants must have noticed that these flies are attracted to the pots. So how to get rid of gnats from plants? Well it's simple. Ensure that you do not over-water your houseplants. Stagnant water in the pot of plants is what lures gnats. Another option is to bake some sand and put it in the pots. However, you have to be sure that this does not change the soil requirements of your plants and also that the sand is free of insects!

I guess these methods will be enough to do away with gnats. However, as we always say that precaution is better than cure, ensure that your house is clean. This is the best way of keeping these pesky little insects at bay!
By Debopriya Bose
Published: 1/28/2010
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