How to Get Rid of Head Cold

A lot of people suffer from head cold during winters. Although it is not a serious condition, it does cause a lot of discomfort. In this write up, we will read on how to treat a head cold...
Viral infection that makes its way to the mucus membranes situated in the nose is known as head cold. A head cold is commonly known as common cold. It is a common occurrence during the winter months in almost all parts of the world. As such the infection is harmless, but it can bring about a lot of discomfort for the person. In most cases, head cold goes on its own, but it does take about 10 days to resolve. We will read on how to get rid of head cold, but before that we will see what are the symptoms of head cold.

Symptoms of Head Cold

The most common head cold symptoms include a runny nose accompanied by sneezing, nasal congestion and headaches. In some cases, it may also be accompanied by mild fever. Most people often complain about a general feeling of being unwell when they are affected with head cold. It is seen that mucus draining from the nose is clear in color. Cough may be caused due to mucus draining into the throats. Hoarse voices are not uncommon either.

How to Treat a Head Cold?

After reading the symptoms of head cold, let's find an answer to the question how to cure a head cold. The head cold treatment helps to shorten the duration of a head cold and bring relief from the condition. There are numerous natural head cold remedies, which can be used to treat the condition.

Hot Liquids
One simple home remedy for head cold is consuming a lot of hot liquids. They help in relieving nasal congestion. At the same time, they also prevent dehydration, which is a common condition affecting people with head cold. Drinking hot liquids soothes inflamed membranes of the nose and throat. It is best to continue drinking hot water at regular intervals. Hot soups are also helpful in soothing the condition.

Steam is known to moisturize the nasal passage and soothe inflammation. You can either opt for a steamy shower or take steam with hot water. The best would be to take steam once in the morning and once before going to bed. You can choose to add eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, etc. to the water, when you are taking steam. It will help to decongest the head and also release mucus in the process. Humidifiers can also be used for the same reasons.

Spicy Food
Another head cold remedies is to eat spicy food. Eating spicy food will help in clearing stuffy head. This remedy should be used only if the throat is not irritated. Drinking spicy soup is also a good idea to get rid of head cold.

Since head colds are a common condition during winter, taking an anti-histamine will prove to be beneficial in getting rid of the condition. It will help in treating inflammation. Along with anti-histamine, decongestants are also recommended head cold medicine. There are certain medications that are a combination of anti-histamine and decongestants available in the market. You can make use of these as well. Along with these medications, taking Vitamin C will also prove to be beneficial.

The best head cold remedy is to take plenty of rest. Taking plenty of rest will prove to be helpful in treating the condition. It is important to note that rest means total rest and sleeping well covered. Taking plenty of rest will help the body in fighting the infection, as all energies will be directed towards battling infection.

Gargling using hot salty water will help to bring temporary relief. You will have to gargle at least 3 to 4 times a day for relief. There are a number of medicated gargles available in the market as well. You can make use of those ones for relief. Turmeric mixed with hot water can also be used for gargling.

Herbal Medications
Drinking tea made with ginger proves to be beneficial for treating head cold. Likewise, basil leaves is also one of the herbal remedies for head cold, which can be used. Use basil leaves to make tea. Drinking hot milk mixed with basil leaves, honey and turmeric often proves very beneficial.

I hope with this write up you have found an answer to the question 'how to get over a head cold'. If head cold lasts for more than 10 days, then it is best to talk to your health care professional. Flying should be avoided when you are suffering from head cold. If you must fly, then do make use of decongestants before take off or landing, as it can cause damage to eardrums.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 11/12/2010
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