How to Glue Hair Extensions

New cosmetic technologies have made it possible for every woman to get lustrous and silky locks of hair. There are many ways in which you can wear a hair extension. Let us discuss in detail how to glue hair extensions.
Wearing a hair extension means adding hair to your original hair. There are many methods of wearing them like braiding, weaving, bonding and gluing the hair extensions. Hair extensions give you a way in which you can instantly have long hair that you dreamed of for many days or weeks. Long hair extensions are very popular among women who desire longer hair. Many beauty salons offer this facility of gluing the hair extensions. Also, there are different methods to glue in hair extensions. Let us discuss these methods and get to really know about how to glue hair extensions.

Methods to Glue Hair Extensions

U Tip Hair Extension
The U tip hair extension is a temporary method of gluing hair extensions. In this method to glue hair extensions, the first step is to part your hair in sections. U tip hair extension is a type of hair extension that is pre-glued. The next step is to melt the glue on the hair extension with the help of a fusing tool. Roll up the tip and seal it with your original hair locks. It is possible to use this hair extension again after you remove them. The only thing you need to do is to cut the glued part of the used extension, and by using a glue gun you can glue in the hair extension to your hair. It is advisable to have this hair extension treatment done from a professional in order to have hassle-free long hair.

Bonding Glue Hair Extensions
Bonding glue methods involve applying the bonding glue to the hair extension and applying the extension to the original human hair. Using bonding glue to wear the hair extensions is the simplest method of gluing hair extensions to the original hair. Removing the hair extensions which are attached using this method is an easy task. A bonding glue remover is used to remove hair extensions. The bonding glue hair remover must be used with cold glue extensions and not with hot glue sticks.

Hot Glue Gun Hair Extension
A hot glue gun is used to glue in the hair extension glue sticks. Glue sticks are melted using the glue gun and attached to the hair directly. Many online stores sell these kinds of hot glue guns.

With the help of a professional, wearing a hair extension can be easy and fun, and is an exciting aspect of hair care. Hair extensions are easy to maintain and give you an instantaneous new look. One of the advantages of wearing a hair extension is that you can change your new hairstyle anytime you desire. Comparatively, the removal of glued hair extensions is an easy procedure as compared to other hair extensions. With hair extensions, you can have many different patterns, hairstyles and hair coloring, and that too without damaging your original hair. Lastly, the time and energy required to glue the hair extensions is very less as compared to the other methods of wearing the hair extensions. Hope these methods of gluing hair extensions answer your question of how to glue hair extensions.
By Aarti R
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