How to Improve Circulation in Feet

Improving blood circulation in feet can help in prevention of several health conditions. Here are tips and exercises for enhancing blood circulation.
Do you constantly experience a tingling feeling, or numbness in feet? Do you experience a cold feeling in your feet after being in one position for a long time? These are symptoms of poor circulation and you may be suffering from poor circulation in the feet. This can be caused due to several reasons. It can be a symptom of certain diseases like Raynaud's disease, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes; or can even be caused due to smoking and having excess caffeine containing drinks. Secondly, wearing tight fitting clothes and improper shoes can also lead to poor blood circulation in feet. This leads to the tingling sensation and numbness. This can be overcome by following certain techniques and exercises.

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation in Feet

Firstly, it is essential to diagnose the condition that causes numbness. If it is caused due to any diseases and disorders, it is essential to look for respective treatment methods for treating the same. Therefore, in that case, it is advisable to consult a doctor and look for proper treatment methods. In other cases, you can follow these self-help methods.
  • Having a fatty diet regularly, makes blood more viscous which results in poor blood circulation. Therefore, it is essential to cut down on fatty foods or reduce their intake. One should rather consider eating foods containing fiber, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • As mentioned above, having caffeine containing drinks is also one of the major causes of poor circulation in legs. Therefore, you should reduce the intake of coffee and aerated drinks containing caffeine to prevent poor circulation.
  • As smoking is also one of the known causes of poor circulation in hands and feet, those suffering from this condition should quit smoking completely.
  • You may not be aware but your favorite stilettos may also be the cause of poor blood circulation in feet. Therefore, to improve circulation in toes, get rid of tight fitting shoes, or shoes that do not have sufficient toe space. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes can help to improve blood circulation in limbs.
  • Being in a stationary position for a long time or having a sedentary lifestyle is also one of the reasons for improper blood circulation in body. One of the major tips on how to improve blood circulation is to remain active and undertake some physical activity every day.
  • Lastly, if you work at a desk for a long time, you should try and shift your position at regular intervals, and also go for a small walk to enhance blood circulation in feet.
Exercises to Improve Blood Circulation

Apart from the above mentioned preventive measures, there are several exercises that help to improve blood circulation to the affected area. The following are some of the most effective ones.
  • When experiencing tingling or numbness in feet, massage the affected area with bare hands.
  • Using warm water is also helpful to improve blood circulation in limbs. You can have a warm water bath or simple wash your feet in warm water.
  • You should take off your shoes and try to move your toes in circulation motion (clockwise and then anti-clockwise)
  • Remove your shoes and press your toes, one at a time, slowly, to get rid of numbness.
These are some of the best exercises and treatment methods on improving circulation in legs. They will help in treatment as well as prevention of poor blood circulation symptoms. If none of these methods help, you should consult a doctor and take proper medical treatment. Take care!
By Madhura Pandit
Published: 3/14/2011
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