How to Increase Fertility

If you have been trying to become pregnant for some time, without any positive results, you might want to know methods of increasing your fertility. This article will provide some tips which will help in increasing fertility not only in women, but also in men.
In recent years, the problem of infertility has increased so much that at least 1 in 6 couples are finding it difficult to conceive. Although, most people think that infertility is something which is highly common in women than in men, this is not completely true. Rather, the problem of infertility is equally common in men too. Apart from this, experts are of the opinion that many times, the inability of conceiving occurs due to problems in both men as well as women.

Although observing the signs of infertility can cause lot of anxiety and tension in couples, it is not a problem which cannot be cured. Rather, it is actually possible to treat infertility problems with certain natural measures. Here, you will find some treatment measures which will help you to know about fertility boosters.

Tips to Increase Fertility
The reasons that cause infertility cannot be attributed to just one factor. The factor that causes infertility in one couple will be totally different in the other. Experts are of the opinion, though most of the time, the cause of infertility can be found easily, there have been several cases where the cause has remained unknown. However, it has been said that couples can actually enhance their fertility as well as their chances of conception with some simple dietary as well as lifestyle changes. So, here are some tips for increasing fertility in men as well as women.

Regular Sex
According to experts, one of the main reasons due to which couples are unable to conceive is because they do not have enough sex. To conceive, a couple should have sex on alternate days during the fertile period of the woman i.e. during the time of ovulation. Hence, it is important for women to know about the approximate date of their ovulation. This can be done with the help of an ovulation calculator as well as by keeping a record of the basal body temperature. Apart from this, the position that a couple opts during intercourse is also said to help in conception. The best position according to experts is the missionary position i.e. the man on top position which will help to increase fertility chances.

Healthy Diet
Most people stress that women should follow a healthy diet, once they become pregnant. However, not many people know that it is extremely crucial to maintain a healthy diet even before that. Both men and women should follow a healthy diet, when they decide to start a family. Their daily diet should contain a balance of all the vitamins and minerals that are required to stay healthy. They must include high amount of fruits and vegetables in their regular diet. If their diet is not providing them with the required nutrition, it is necessary to take supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, calcium, etc. Along with this, women should also take prenatal vitamins to prepare their body for pregnancy. Consulting a doctor would be a good idea before changing one's diet.

Lifestyle Changes
Apart from dietary changes, it is also necessary to make some alterations in one's lifestyle too. It has been seen that women who are overweight are likely to suffer from infertility problems. Hence, regular exercises like walking, swimming or jogging is important for women who are trying to become pregnant. However, one must make sure that one does not exercise too much as being underweight can also cause the problem of infertility. Moreover, as stress can also hamper a couple's ability to conceive, finding ways to relax is also one of the important factors that people have to know about increasing fertility in women naturally.

Things to Avoid
Along with the things that one has to do to increase fertility, it is also important to know about the things that one has to avoid. Many times, some of our habits can decrease the chances of conceiving and hence, it is extremely crucial to stop them, if one wants to become a parent. Here, is a list of things that you have to avoid, especially if you want to increase fertility after 40. These tips have to be followed very strictly because it is a little difficult to increase fertility over 40 as by this time, women are close to menopause.
  • To increase fertility, it is very important to quit smoking as well as alcohol completely. Research has shown smoking as well as drinking can decrease the chances of conception considerably and this applies to both men as well as women.
  • An important thing that men have to remember is to avoid exposing their genital area to things that are too hot as heat can hamper the sperm quantity as well as quality. Hence, it will be better to spend less time in hot tubs, Jacuzzi, saunas, etc. Also, it is better to avoid wearing tight underwear and instead should opt for cotton boxer shorts.
  • Men and women who are planning to have a baby should avoid caffeine drinks as this can also decrease their chances of conceiving.
The above given tips can also be helpful, if you are trying to increase fertility after miscarriage. However, if you are unable to become pregnant with the help of these tips, it would be best to consult a gynecologist who will look for the root cause of the problem and recommend the necessary treatment measures.
By Deepa Kartha
Published: 6/28/2010
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