How to Keep Your Man Interested

Wondering how to keep your man interested in you, you, and only you? Read on to get all the help you need...
Every relationship reaches a stage where things start becoming too monotonous and things are taken for granted rather than a blessing! While women can have the "it happens" attitude and can accept the way things are going, the same is not the case for men! I am sure you would have noticed your man getting bored with things way too easily, haven't you? Well, that's the case of most men on earth! Keeping your man enchanted in your aura can be fun and challenging at the same time. All you need to have, is patience and understanding! Below are some tips that will help you in how to keep your man interested in you.

Tips to Keep your Man Interested

Your man fell in love with what he liked in you when he got to know you. It could be the aura, the charm, the understanding, the fun part, the connection, the looks... you know it better, right? However, now that you both share the special relationship with each other, you also need to make sure that you manage to recreate the same charm and magic that swept him off his feet. So what should you do to hook his heart to yours?

Don't Hook Him: That's right! Don't glue him to yourself all the time. It's difficult for women to do that but giving men their "space" actually ends up decreasing the space between the two of you. It's like sand, the more you try to tighten your grip, the more you end up losing that person. Just be the base that sustains the relationship and do not try to be the grip, and your relationship will move at the right pace towards the right direction. By being the base I mean that be informed about him and don't nag! Most of the women cross the line which turns "being informed" into "constant nagging." If he wants to spend some time with his friends, let him do that! You don't have to call at every hour to know what he's doing. If he is late from work, don't start fighting as to why he didn't pick your call, instead, ask if he was fine. These little but very important things act as a strong string which will hold your relationship together in the long run. He will know that when he gets back home, he will face a loving and caring wife/ girlfriend and not an over possessive, shouting and interrogating cop!

Spice Up Your Sex Life: Some women expect men to cater to their emotional needs more than their sexual needs. However, most men expect their women to cater to their physical needs. And with men who tend to get bored easily, you need to make sure that you try something new and appealing to keep him interested. Yes, if you need to keep them interested in you and know how to him from cheating, you need to spice up your sex life. You can try different techniques like 'role playing', experimenting different positions, ask him to reveal his fantasies to you and then you can try to convert his fantasies into a reality. Bottom line being, do the things which he likes. Your efforts towards intimacy would definitely help the relationship get more stronger from every aspect.

Show Interest in Things that Interest Him: It's obvious that same interests bring two people closer. However, it's not necessary that both of you have the same interests and hobbies, but then showing respect and to admire each others hobbies isn't of any harm, is it? On the contrary, it will make you look at things from his point of view. Small gestures like buying him tickets for his favorite game, going out for dinner at his favorite restaurant, his favorite hangouts, participating in his favorite hobby with him, and so on, will not only keep him interested in you but also strengthen the bond that you share.

Be Your Best... Always: Not all, but many women tend to lose interest when it comes to maintaining themselves, both physically and emotionally. Just because you have got the love of your life, doesn't mean that you should stop taking care of yourself. When it comes to looks, clean yourself, wear his favorite perfume on you, you are the queen of his heart, so be like a queen. When it comes to maintaining yourself emotionally, don't just start bossing over him or shouting at him over issues that you can't stand. Remember, a patient listener can be a good confidante and a good friend, and if you can be his best friend, that would definitely make you the best partner that he can ever get.

Be Polite and Clear: Men and women are two opposite poles. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of habits that men have, which women cannot stand!! For example, men always forget to put the toothpaste cap back after using it, or may be putting down the toilet seat is something that needs to be reminded all the time. These habits that men have are the most annoying reasons for women to go crazy with anger. It would be hard, but then these small things do increase some amount of gap between the both of you. The key here is to be polite and calm, and very very clear! You can try keeping post-its on these places where your man tends to forget something all the time! These cute reminders can actually be a very charming way of keeping in touch throughout the day. Don't you think? :)

Be Supportive and Encouraging!: Every successful man has a woman behind him. Isn't this statement an honor for women? Another key to keep your man happy is to be the woman behind his success. Men are in constant need for appreciation and emotional support. They have to deal with pressures from work, friends, or may be a personal issue which bothers them again and again. Be the comforter. Encourage him that he can deal with it, tell him and show him you are there for him and that you trust him. If you don't agree with him, then instead of just shrugging him away, try to talk to him. Explain him that you are trying to see what he wants, but this is the reason why you find it unreasonable or unrealistic! Talk it out to understand each others point of view. Your interest in his matters would definitely make him feel and realize how much importance he holds in your life. Again, keep in mind that you don't nag or force your opinion on him. No one likes to be criticized, but a healthy criticism is always put forth in an encouraging manner. If you are in the habit of criticizing your man way too often, then you will have to stop it right now if you want to keep the relationship alive and healthy!

Respect His World and Everyone Who is a Part of It: Most men have to face this difficulty of convincing the family about the woman in their lives because somehow, the woman they love and the family (specially the mom) never get along! If you feel that your man is attached to his family and he would like it if you gave them the same love and respect as he does, then try to set your differences aside and work it out with the family. Don't bitch about people who are important to him just because you don't get along with them. Instead respect them for what your man likes them and don't ever try to stop him to meet them. These efforts will save you from turning your relationship to an unhappy relationship, because a little difference and lack of understanding can create a lot of gaps.

Don't Play the Blame Game: Fights! The most avoidable, yet frequent problem between a couple. You need to maintain your cool no matter how ugly it seems. Blame game is the thing which worsens it all... and once the words are out of your mouth, you can never take them back! You might apologize, try to let go..., but then somewhere in the back of your mind, you would always know the horrible things said and heard. Instead, your approach to the fight should be to avoid speaking much. Help him calm down and then talk the matter out like a healthy discussion. The golden rule to get it sorted as quick as possible is to "never go to bed angry"!

Show Him That He Has Fallen for his Best Friend: Falling in love with your best friend is the best thing that can happen to a person. Be the girlfriend when he needs a girlfriend, be the wife when he needs the wife, but ALWAYS be his best friend no matter what! Accept him the way he is, help him to come over his faults, be there to listen to him, to comfort him, and to support him. Respect his personal space, trust him, because if there is no trust, the foundation of the relationship is at stake. Just give him the best of what he deserves, the best flirt, the best listener, the best confidante, the best lover, the best teacher, and the best friend!

Life is so simple, but it's very difficult to be simple. The answer to how to keep your man interested lies in the small and simple gestures that you do to please him. The bottom line is to please him in everything you do, and do it so naturally that he doesn't feel that you have to push yourself and be a different person altogether. Instead, try to form a genuine understanding when it comes to handling differences. All these steps are nothing but a way to remind you to be the person your man loved. It's not a big deal after all, because you will be doing it for the man who is your life, isn't it? :-)
By Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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