How to Lose Inches Fast

This article will give you some tips on losing extra inches off your waist and thighs. Following these tips regularly will help you lose weight fast.
There are several reasons that lead to the excess weight and fat gain on your body - the excess calories you consume, your sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, etc. All the excess fats in your body gets deposited around the waist, hips and thighs. After a period of time, you suddenly become conscious of the excess fats in your body and look for ways to lose inches fast. There are several methods that help in getting rid of the fats in the body.

Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Here are tips on diet, exercise and using body wraps in order to lose inches off your waist.

Balanced Diet
Having a balanced and a nutritious diet (high in proteins and fibers and low on carbohydrates and fats) is very essential to lose weight fast and easy. You need to cut down on all fatty, sugary and fried foods as they contain excess calories. Secondly, sodas, ice cream, alcohol, sweets, dairy products, fried meats, etc. also contain excess calories that lead to weight gain. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, nuts and seeds, broths, fruit smoothies, low-fat dairy products, fish, lean meat, etc. in your diet to lose weight fast. You should emphasize on having fresh fruits and vegetables rather than going for canned and packaged versions.

Have Smaller but Frequent Meals
Having large amounts of meals at the same time results in excess calorie and fat intake. You should have smaller but, frequent meals rather than going for 2 large ones. You can have 4-5 smaller (one dish at a time) meals of healthy foods as they help in boosting the metabolism which is necessary for weight loss. There are several foods that increase metabolism and help lose weight fast and safe. You should also have sufficient amounts of plain drinking water (8-10 glasses) everyday for proper metabolism. Do not substitute water with other caffeine containing drinks or sodas.

Weight training exercises are the best way to lose weight fast. You can go for dumbbell twists, abdominal crunches, squats, etc. It is recommended to have these exercises done only under the supervision of a professional trainer in the initial stage. There are several easy exercises to lose weight, like cardiovascular and aerobic exercises. You can perform these for 20 minutes everyday for quick weight loss.

Body Wraps
There are different types of body wraps to lose inches like mineral and clay wraps where the body is wrapped tightly in bandages which helps in fat burning. Body wraps also help in detoxification and hence, they are quite beneficial. However, note that they are helpful in losing inches temporarily.

All the above mentioned methods are natural and safe. However, if you suffer from any chronic disease, or any old age related problems, you need to consult your doctor before going for any weight loss plans. Take care!
By Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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