How to Maintain a Beard

If you are looking for tips on how to maintain a beard, shape it properly, and take care of it, then this article is just the read.
You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion ~ G. K. Chesterton

So true the quote is! Growing beard is one of the wildest fancies of men since it's touted to signify perpetual masculinity and manliness. Many men are inspired by famous leaders, musical figures and intellectual personalities for acquiring a similar look with a well-defined beard. Whether it is a French cut, goatee, chin strap or a soul patch, maintaining beard is vital for its texture and the overall appeal.

Tips on How to Grow and Maintain a Beard

You need to grow your beard to the desired length for getting the right kind of beard style that will complement your face. Maintaining a beard is not all at difficult and it is one of the prime concerns of the metrosexuals. Nevertheless common men passionate about keeping beard should also take care of it. While an unkempt beard is capable of marring your appearance, at the same time a well shaped beard can uplift your physical maturity. So let's find out the tips and tricks on how to maintain a beard.

Get the Right Style
First decide the type of beard you want. You can check out the different styles of beard from magazines and the Internet for deciding the right one for your face. And then you need to grow your beard accordingly. Soul patch, goatees, chinstrap are short beard styles while donigal, verdi, garibaldi are grown considerably long till your neck. The bushy pattern is a little difficult to maintain owing to its volume and density.

Shape Your Beard
Once your beard has grown to the desired length it's the time to shape your beard. So how to shape a beard? If this the first time you have wished to keep a beard, then get it shaped by a professional. Getting the right shape for the first time is a little difficult when done by self. Therefore, step into a reputed salon and don on your favorite style. Once you have got the shape, you need to maintain it.

Trim it Periodically
Untrimmed beards look shabby. It will keep growing and you will lose the shape if you do not trim it periodically. It's similar to the way to trim your hair to maintain its growth. Trimming also improves the quality of the hair stands and you can preserve the shape that you have acquired. You can also use a scissor to cut the extra growth of hair after a certain period.

Keep it Clean
Maintaining a beard requires patience. Caring for a short beard is easier than a long one because you can simply add a few drops of shampoo and have a quick rinse. Long beards needs proper care to avoid tangles. Use a good quality hair shampoo while cleansing it. Check out the beard maintenance products and apply the one that suits your hair type. You can also oil your beard before rinsing. Application of conditioners keep it smooth and improves the texture of the beard. Add serum to your beard if you have a coarse growth.

Comb Your Beard
Combing it at frequent intervals is one of the important criterion for proper maintenance. Let it dry to some extent after washing and then comb it. Combing improves the blood circulation of the roots and they grow in a healthy manner. Comb it at least thrice a day if you have a long and dense growth. This will also prevent tangles and stop hair fall problems. Combing also helps in adding a proper shape to the beard.

The steps are simple and easy to carry out. All you need is, a little bit of patience to maintain the shape and texture of your beard.
By Saptakee Sengupta
Published: 1/27/2011
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