How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

No rules, no tips, no advice. The following write out on how to make a guy fall in love with you is just a cluster of words written for those who believe there is no guide map to love...
I want to confess something. I tried with all my guts on framing one of those quintessential points-to-be-noted and tips-to-successful-love articles, but couldn't. Most of the writeups you'll find online will serve that purpose - there are experts and tipsters sitting online shelling advice on how to make a guy want you, love you, etcetera etcetera. My apologies here, but I beg to differ. I am not one of those typical old-hands experienced in making any and every guy fall in love with me, dishing out things-to-do-or-not-to-do, or should I say, beguiling readers - not that I didn't try doing it with all my heart in my teenage years. But then, that doesn't mean I do not have enough practicality to offer.

I do not promise to give a foolproof solution to those heebie-jeebies you experience every time you see that guy, but can state one thing right at the outset, that in order to make a guy fall in love with you, just let him take his own sweet time. Today, when I just chanced upon bestowing life to words over men and relationships, I decided that this one would have words and thoughts of my own choice, and not the ones that are typically expected out of pieces of writing dedicated to inside information on dating. The following words are all about what I have to say about how to make him fall in love, with you. Forever.

Making Him Yours, Forever

I remember those days of high school. When a girl starts thinking about a guy in that way. When she makes sure she is dressed at her best for school. When just one glance of the guy would be enough to make her day. Friends know it all, but the guy she loves doesn't. That's when the girl starts writing a diary, a personal one. She becomes friends with roses in her garden, and plays around with the rose petals on a daily basis, chanting 'does he like me, does he not, does he like me, does he not!'. She sees him everyday, but they never talk much. All he knows is that she's just another girl in the school. When nothing works, she reasons out why isn't she good enough for the guy, drawing out the weirdest of conclusions in the world.

I know all of it, yes I do. You see, the most important thing in this case is to, at least, make your presence felt to him. You need not be outspoken, but always be ready to help him. Not because you want him to feel you're a slave, but because you like doing it for him. Guys have a habit of taking things in the wronger way, when it comes to girls (did I sound chauvinistic?). The more candid you are, the more he thinks of you as 'available', obviously for all the wrong reasons. Better maintain your own limits, and don't rush out helping him in carrying his books, bringing food for him from home, or doing his homework. You wouldn't want him to think of you as a free-of-cost personal assistant, would you? Rather, talk to him about things of his interest, without being fake. Do not claim to like things which he likes, and end up lying just because you overheard some silly dos and don'ts on how to make a guy like you, whatever way it be. Be what you are - never compromise on your beliefs and ethics. I believe, if you lie to a person, you do not deserve to love them. As simple as that!

What strikes the chord in guys is how well you be the girl of their dreams. Learning how to attract men is easy, but actioning the same is pretty difficult. When you're his friend, you tend to talk about his kinda girl, either while watching a rom-com, or at instances when any of the much-desirable hotties of the school just passes by. You judge what he tends to like about girls. It's then that you can incorporate the same in you. Dress the way he likes, generate interests of similar kinds, all for him. All to know him better. All to let him know you better. However, there's just one thing. Never tell him that you did it for him. This way, he'd straightaway get an idea that you like him, and may just like you for the same. Love you? Can't be sure of that, or if your stars are in alignment, may be Yes.

From what I could conclude about relationships, expectations is the root of all causes. You expect, you're left heart-broken, you get up on your feet, just to expect and break your heart once again. Hard-hitting as it may sound, just don't expect him to love you back. You'll do a number of things for him, expecting the best of the comments, which sometimes, may appear to you as the worst of what you had expected. This does nothing but hurt you even more. Surprise him on his birthday, but don't expect him to even remember yours. Call him on an important day, but don't expect your phone to ring when you're having a tough time. Some teeny-weeny little things that you do for him might not leave him speechless, but he's noting every move. Be his best-friend. Don't expect him to be one. Life's happier, and content. This may sound like some conventional relationship advice, but then, who could escape these cliched, but heartrending truths that love tangles along with itself? Shed out everything for him, but only if he's ready to receive it with all his heart. He'll love you for everything you've done. One fine day.

This was one of the many extracts of my experience on ambiguities brimming how to make your crush fall in love with you. Fully cognizant of the fact that I am, I haven't been much successful in deciphering exactly what to say to a guy you like, or what to do to make him want you. Still adamant of the fact, there are no tricks, whatsoever, let alone simple and easy. However, that doesn't mean you should stop making efforts. Should there be any tips and tricks, it would only be to let him know about your feelings at the earliest. A response from the opposite side might take time, but as of now, I'm content as I could contribute a bit in manipulating those butterflies in your stomach, could I?
By Veethi Telang
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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