How to Make a Poodle Skirt

Poodle skirts are cute, if you have the right look for them. Like any other garment, the key to looking absolutely fabulous in it, is to know that you look absolutely fabulous in it. That is what we call, "Carrying it off"! So check out the article below and learn how to make a poodle skirt.
Poodle skirts are for those fashionistas who are so confident in themselves that a little bit of "out of the skirt" thinking doesn't bother them. The best thing about poodle skirts is that they are designer clothing that can look like conventional skirts whilst having an unconventional design. So, do you think you have it in you to carry off a poodle skirt? If yes, then we can commence with poodle skirt instructions. Follow the steps below to make the skirt.

Step 1
Take a measurement of the person for whom you are making the skirt. Essentially, you will require waist and length measurements. Such skirts look best long, when knee-length or longer, so take a measurement accordingly.

Step 2
Pick the fabric of your choice from your favorite store and cut it as per the measurement, This step can be as slow as you need. The cutting has to be done while keeping some buffer fabric for the sewing. So make sure you make no mistakes there.

Step 3
Now sew the skirt. Try keeping a nice pattern at the bottom. You could try an arc or a downward facing triangle. You can try experimenting, but try not to go overboard. Leave the top 3 inches on one side unstitched. You can put a button or Velcro seal at this part. This is to aid the wearing comfort.

Step 4
Now we start of with making this skirt a "poodle skirt". Take a printout of a poodle on an iron-on-paper.

Step 5
Place the paper face down on the skirt and iron on it. This will leave the poodle's image on the skirt. Be careful at this step. Make sure you place the picture in the right place, no mistakes allowed here.

Step 6
You can add a few embellishments like sparkle or straps or laces to make the skirt look cuter. The beauty of making your own skirt is that you can make just the way you like it!

Poodle skirts are anything but conventional. So why stick to conventional designs. Following are a few tips that could help you make unconventional poodle skirt patterns.

Tip 1
Mood swings: You can have a skirt to suit your mood. A happy poodle when you are going for a night out in the town with the girls and a sober poodle for day wear. You could even try wearing a sad poodle when you are in a bad mood. The sad poodle may just get you the kind of attention you need to cheer yourself up.

Tip 2
Furry affair: For this tip, you could experiment with a short length poodle skirt. This may seem radical to many, but the daring few could try adding fur to the tail of the poodle. You could even try keeping a furry end at the lower back of the skirt. The key to this design is pulling it off. You need to carry it off with confidence, for it to look glamorous.

Tip 3
Poodle Party: In case it is a "gal pal" night, you could all try sporting poodle skirts. It will catch the eye. But, then, that is the point, isn't it? You could try different colored poodles. Or poodles in different moods. Cute, isn't it?

It is your turn, now, to put this information to some great use. Try it out, experiment and flaunt it. But ladies, all in all, stay stylish!!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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