How to Make Smileys on Facebook

Are you trying to learn how to make smileys on Facebook? You can find some easy instructions in the following article that will help create smileys on Facebook when you chat with friends.
We all love to chat with friends on Facebook. The chat window in Facebook does not seem to provide us with the option to insert smileys. A new user to Facebook will find it very difficult to add smileys to his/her chat window. If you are totally new to the world of online chat communication, you may be wondering what are smileys? Well, they are small faces like a smiley ball. They convey various human expressions in an animated way. This adds a personal touch to your chat, also helps to express yourself without having to type long words. So, the question is how to make smileys on Facebook? Learn to make smiley faces on Facebook chat by going through the simple instructions below.

How to Make Smileys on Facebook

Smiley faces are very useful when it comes to expressing surprise, fear, sadness, happiness, sarcasm, enthusiasm and many more feelings. In order to learn how to make smileys on Facebook, you need to remember a few commands that you need to type on your keyboard. Once you learn these commands, you will be able to make many smiley faces for your Facebook chat. Let's get started with the instructions that help you make these funny emoticons.

I shall explain only a few smileys and the rest will be covered in the table given below. It is very easy to make a smiley, and a few instructions will suffice to teach you how to create them all. First, let me begin with the common happy smiley face. In order to show a smile, all you need to do is press the Shift key on your keyboard and simultaneously hit on the ':' key. Then continue pressing down the Shift key and press the ')' (0 key). Press enter and you will find a yellow smiley face appear in the chat window.

Suppose you want to show you are sad. All you need to do is press the Shift key and simultaneously press ':'. Then, hit the '(' (9 key) without releasing the Shift key. Press enter and a sad smiley face will appear on the chat. Just press the shift key then hitting on a particular key and then press enter. In case you want to make a cat smile, you need to press Shift, hit on ':'. Release the Shift key and then press the number key '3'. Enter and a smiley cat face will appear. For a heart, press Shift and ':'. After you release the Shift key, press 3 and hit enter. A red heart will appear in your chat window.

Common Smiley Faces on Facebook Chat

You need to keep the above instructions in mind and try creating the emoticons by following their codes in the table below.

Facebook Smiley Meaning
#:0 Ahhhhhhhhhh
_:^) American Indian
|:-| Anal-Retentive
o.O or O.o Big and small eye
:-D :D =D Big Smile/Grin
:3 Cat face, mustache
8-| Cool
:'( Cry
8| or 8-| or B| or B-| Dark glasses
{:V Duck
<:-I Dummy
-):......... Dyslexic
(:-I Egghead
8-) 8) B-) B) Geek
8) or 8-) or B) or B-) Glasses
-_- Happy
:putnam: Human head
:* or :-* Kiss
>:( >:-( Mad
*<:-) Santa Claus
*!#*^*&:-) Schizophrenic
:-@ Screaming
:) or :-) or =) or :] Smile
>:o or >:-o Smile with closed eyes
:-O :O :-o :o Surprised
:/ :-/ : :- Thinking
^_^ Very Happy

Just type in the codes given in the table above and create smileys on your Facebook chat window. If at all you are unable to type the code, just copy the codes given in your chat window. Hit enter and you will be able to see a smiley appear. You can even try out these Facebook abbreviations and symbols to add more interest in your chat. This is all you need to know regarding how to make smileys on Facebook. Add spice, flavor and some light fun to your regular chats on Facebook with the above emoticons.
By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Published: 5/10/2011
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