How to Measure Inseam

Learn to measure inseam on pants, jeans or any other pants, to buy clothes that fit you perfectly to the tee.
Everyone dislikes ill-fitting clothing. Not only are they uncomfortable while wearing, but also give on lookers a bad impression. It is therefore imperative to know certain basic measurements while you purchase shirts, pants or menswear, so that they fit you well. It becomes all the more crucial when you are purchasing apparel without actually having a look at them or getting them stitched. One such important measurement for buying pants or pants is the length of your inseam. The length from the bottom your crotch to the hem of your pant is the inseam.

Measure the Inseam on Pants

To start with, you are required to pick a pair of pants which fit you perfectly. It should fit well lengthwise and also around your waist. This is important because it your pants are fitting improperly on your waist and hanging, you will get an incorrect measurement. So wear and check them for proper fitting.

Now place these pants on a flat surface, preferably a table, on their left side. Pick the right leg with your hands and leave it aside. Use a measuring tape and measure the length from your crotch area all the way down to the bottom. Note down this measurement and repeat the process with the right leg.

Measure the Inseam on Jeans

You can do this by wearing jeans also, if you do not want to remove them. Stand straight with your legs a little apart from each other. Take the measuring tape and hold one end of it just underneath your crotch, and go straight down till the hem of your pant or below your ankle. Note the measurement down and you have your inseam.

Measure the Inseam for Women

It is always better to take help from a friend to measure your inseam. You will have to stand fully dressed, in an easy position. Keep your legs slightly apart from each other,so that your friend can measure the inseam comfortably.

Ask the friend to take a measuring tape and measure the length from below your crotch area to just below the ankle. Have a look at the lowest seam point and check the length. Make changes if required. Note down the measurement and repeat the process for the other leg.

Tips and Tricks
  • Take into account the height of your shoe heel, if you are going to wear it along with the pants. If you are wearing high heels, you can increase the inseam length by half an inch or an inch.
  • Newly stitched clothes have a tendency to shrink after a couple of washes, depending upon the material. Account for shrinkage if necessary.
  • It is observed that corduroy pants require an additional stretch of about an inch.
  • In case you are getting your inseam measured from someone else, and the person is not too comfortable holding the top end of the measurement tape around your crotch, you can hold it yourself instead.
  • Always verify the length after measurement to any avoid fitting problems once the pants are stitched.
Hope you have understood all about measuring the inseam after going through this article. Try it, and avoid falling into ill-fitting pants never again in your life!
By Suketu Mehta
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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