How to Message all Friends on Facebook

Wondering how to message all friends on Facebook together, the following write-up will answer all your queries about the same. Continue reading for more information on Facebook messaging.
Facebook has come a long way from Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard University networking attempt to become the top social networking site in the cyberspace today. A subscriber base of 400 million users within seven years of its introduction is no child's play. In order to keep up with this soaring popularity, the folks at Facebook require to come up with new plans and ideas on a regular basis, owing to which you see quite a few changes in the interface every once in a while. How to message all friends on Facebook is one of the most FAQ when it comes to messaging on this social networking website, and this is the very attribute on which we'll be concentrating in the write-up to follow.

Messaging Friends on Facebook

As far as messaging on Facebook is concerned, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. One of the simplest way is to go to the person's profile and click on the 'Send a Message' link right below his profile picture. You will be directed to a new page wherein you can compose your message and click on the 'Send' tab to send it to its recipient. The second option is to search for the person whom you want to message by his name or email address, and message him by clicking on the Send Message link alongside the person's name on the search results page. When you click on this link, you will be directed to a new page from where you can compose and send the message.

Yet another option is to click on the 'Messages' link on your homepage, and go to message composing section. You will come across a new webpage which will have links to your Inbox, Sent Messages, etc. Here you will also see a new tab saying 'New Message'. When you click on this tab, you will be directed towards a new page wherein you'll be able to compose the message. Right above the box wherein you will compose your message, you will come across a small box wherein you will have to feed the recipients name or email address. As in the previous case, when you are ready to send this message you can click on the 'Send' tab below the message composing box.

Messaging All Friends on Facebook

If you are wondering how to message all friends on Facebook together, the third option in the information given above in meant for you. You can send messages to multiple recipients or an entire friend list by this method. You have two options to send message to multiple recipients - first select all friends on Facebook whom you want to send the message by going to your friends list and second create a new list of specific friends whom you want to send the message and select this friends list. Sounds easy? There is a slight problem though - Facebook only allows you to send a message to 20 friends at a time.

More importantly, this group message sending facility is restricted to your friends only. If you want to message someone who is not in your friends list, you can only send one message at a time. These steps are taken to ensure that your in-box doesn't get flooded wit spam mails from advertisers. If your friends list only consists of 20 people, messaging all friends on Facebook will be possible - but its highly unlikely that you will have only 20 friends here. So how do you go about this? A better alternative is to put the message as a wall post on Facebook group and invite all your friends. All those people who are a part of that group will be able to see you message and you won't have to send this message again and again to different groups of 20 people each - something which can result in temporary barring of your message sending facility.

While some people may not like this restriction on messaging all friends together, one has to take into consideration the fact that it is required to keep spamming and other privacy issues at bay. If it were not for all these steps, even Facebook would have been reduced to yet another social networking platform which is a paradise for spammers and advertisers - devoid of the 400 million subscriber base that it boasts of.
By Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: 9/30/2011
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