How to Propose to a Man

Want to know how to propose to a man? This article will help you with ways to do this and taking the bold step.
Times change, people change and so do traditions. Talking about traditions, it's expected that a man has to propose marriage to a woman. But what if there is a role reversal. What if it's the woman who gets down on one knee to pop the question? Is it alright? Well, according to me if you have been in a great relationship and are sure about your man being the one, then go ahead and do it ladies. It's time to shed those veils of inhibition and go with your instincts and find out about some romantic ways to propose. Read on, if you are one of those bold women who want to take the step forward. Here we shall try and rationalize why proposing to your man would be the right thing to do and also a few tips on how to propose to a man.

Can a Woman Propose to a Man?

Should a woman propose to a man? If this is the question that is buzzing in your head, then let's try and reason out why this would be the right thing to do? Try and answer the four questions about your relationship with your man and then you could be the judge of your situation.
  • How long have you been a relationship?
  • What is his opinion on marriage?
  • Has he been married before?
  • Are you sure about him replying in the assertive?
These may seem silly questions to answer, but let's deal with one question at a time and these questions prove crucial to know whether it would be OK to ask your partner to marry you. If you have been in a relationship for a few years now, you probably have reached those levels of comfort where proposing wouldn't be something totally out of place and weird. There must have been times where you spoke about marriage, and gotten an opinion from him. You will know whether he is ready for marriage. If not, try subtle ways to know what he sees in the near future and whether marriage is on his agenda. If he has been married before, you need to be very careful, you need to be sure that he is not under any stress from the previous marriage. If you have the slightest doubts about him taking this whole thing of, "you asking him to marry you" in a negative way, because your guy is a little traditional in his ways, then it would probably be best to refrain. If after answering these questions you think you are ready to take the big step, then read on to know how to propose marriage to a man.

Ways to Propose to a Man

So, now that you are sure you want to marry this man and want a perfect plan to propose, then let me help you with a few tips on how to propose to a man. Before I begin with ways to propose marriage, I have to tell you, you must be so confident that he is floored all over again and he knows that there is no one better than you that he could ever be with.

A Private Affair
An intimate candle lit proposal is my first choice, as this would be the way I would ask my man to marry me. A golden night with the gleaming candles is just so romantic. Well, it may sound boring and cliche, but just picture this, a room lit with innumerable candles, with you standing there, waiting for your man to arrive, with the dinner table arranged for two with champagne, it just makes butterflies flutter in my tummy. I would suggest a romantic dance where all you have to do is whisper into his ear and pop the question.

Outdoors Proposal
If you are a couple that likes to go camping and on treks, what could be better than to ask him to marry you than on a starry night, under the moonlit sky on top of a hill? Take him by surprise, make prior arrangements of a romantic setup and then just stroll with him later to the spot. My perfect idea would be arranging a white canopy, but if this is difficult there are always simple things like arranging a table and two chairs and simple romantic decorations.

A Grand Affair
A gift with a note attached is also another way to ask him. Get him something he always wanted, so it's probably the latest laptop or a bike. You might have to save up on a lot but then if you think it's worth it go for it. You could make the display on his new laptop or put a note on his bike. A note like, "Your first pillion rider is your fiance!" Another grand affair would be proposing to him in front of your friends and family. You could arrange for a party, surprise him and ask him in front of all the important people in his life.

The Day Long Guessing Game
We all love to play games, well then you could drop hints all day long with the help of notes or knickknacks and text messages. Put up notes on his dresser, in his pocket, in the shower. Just remind him of all the special moments spent together in the past making him all nostalgic and when he is back from work, let him walk into a room with a banner that concludes the long journey of hints with the big question. This is a creative way to propose and you could make it more creative by giving it a personal touch.

So I hope you know how to propose to a man after reading this article. If you want to know how to get a man to propose to you, well then just follow the last tip of dropping hints also there is no need to be subtle sometimes. Just ask him when does he plan to marry you? This can be done only when you are in a stage of the relationship where there is no awkwardness whatsoever.
By Ashlesha Bhondwe
Published: 3/2/2011
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