How to Read Faces

Ever wondered how to read faces? Here are some tips for the same.
Many people are known to employ tactics of utilizing ways to read a person through body language in their professional and personal life. The importance of having the correct body language is now being realized by people in various spheres of life. So have you often felt you did not read a person well enough? Have you ever wondered how to read faces? Here, we shall check out various telltale signs to know a person better and some tips you can use for face reading.

How to Read Faces?

For many years, people have used the art of face reading in order to be able to study and know a person more effectively. There are certain dos and don'ts associated with face reading theories. All these theories may not always hold the truth for everybody, but there are times when these ways to read faces can certainly prove to be useful. Here are some ways:

The shape of the face has a lot to say about the person as well. A person with a long or a thin face would mean he/she is tolerant and generally prefers to always accomplish their tasks. Such people in general also have an attractive persona. A person with a broad face would mean that he/she is completely compassionate about many issues and are also broadminded in nature. A round shaped face is a sign of a jovial person; he/she knows how to liven up the atmosphere. People with square shaped faces are generally gung-ho about achieving their dreams.

The eyes of a person are said to be indicative of a lot of things. The eyes can reveal a lot about the individual. As we already know, eyes are the window to a person's soul therefore a careful look at the person's eyes can reveal more than what the person may wish to! A person with rather small eyes indicates that he/she is very precise about things and pays a lot of attention to detail. People with large eyes are generally gentle in nature and also more kind and loving as well. If you observe people with close-set eyes, you would notice such people have a better power of concentration and also show high levels of consistency. Such people are also very dynamic in nature. A face with eyes that are set wide apart indicate a broadminded nature in life.

The lips also reflect a lot about the nature of a person is used for as a way to read a face. Thin lips indicate a person who is hardworking and responsible as well. A small mouth shows that the person is capable of high levels of concentration. Fuller lips are an indication of people who love to have fun and are more relaxed in their approach towards life. A wide mouth indicates someone who loves to discover new experiences.

A square jaw signifies an indomitable spirit in the person and fuller cheeks are a sign of vigor and vitality. A person with a protruding chin shows a hint of self-obsession.

A small nose indicates a weak-minded person. An aquiline nose means a person is basically self-centered and indecisive as well. A large nose means a person with a strong character. A large nose with a blunt tip indicates a practical person.

The shape of the eyebrows is also very useful for face reading. Straight eyebrows mean a levelheaded person. A person with thin eyebrows indicates someone with low confidence. Curved eyebrows indicate a higher level of intelligence in a person.

Use these tips on face reading to know more about people around you. Of course, a personal interaction and your own observation powers would prove to be useful to know a person better!
By Kashmira Lad
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