How to Read Your Palm

Do you know how to read your palm? Do you wish to learn to read your palm? Go through this article to find out about palm reading basics...
Given a chance, most of us would like to know what our future holds for us. This is the reason why many of us are drawn towards astrology, palmistry or tarot card reading. Can a study of the lines on your palm help in determining your future and tell you about your personality traits? Well, that's all palmistry is all about. Though some people might be skeptical about palmistry and refer to it as a false science, but do they have any explanation as to how a palmist can reveal their physical attributes or even secrets? Well, it's not just the lines on your palm, even the flexibility of your thumb, the shape of your hand and various symbols provide an insight about one's past, present or future. If you find palm reading to be very intriguing, you can learn how to read palms. Read your palm first and then graduate to reading palms of your friends.

How to Read Your Palm Lines

Wondering what do the lines on your hand mean? To be able to read your palm, you must have some idea about the prominent lines on your palm. These include the head line, the heart line, life line, fate line and for the romantic ones, the love line. So, as I tell you about each of these lines, try to read your own palm lines. Here are some palm reading basics that you need to be aware of.

The Lifeline
Wondering how to read your palm lifeline? Well, to find the life line on your thumb, look for a line that lies between your thumb and the index finger and travels downwards towards your wrist. Well, this is an important line as it tells one about his/her health. Those who have a deep and curvaceous life line are full of energy. It also indicates that your life will be smooth. A broken lifeline indicates a turbulent life.

The Fate Line
Some people may feel that they work very hard, but never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Well, that's how we are played by our destiny. Wondering how to read your palm fate line? The fate line is a vertical line at the center of your palm that extends down towards the wrist. A smooth and deep line indicates that you will get what you desire and will achieve success in your life. If the line is jagged or broken, then one might have to deal with ups and downs in life. A feeble line might signify failures.

The Head Line
Intelligence and clear thinking pave way for success. Well, this is what the head line is for. This line is placed above the lifeline and stretches from one part of your palm to the other. A deep head line indicates clear thinking and good memory. Those who don't have a head line are not capable of thinking clearly. A chained head line signifies mental confusion. Those who have a long head line are ambitious beings. Those who have a short head line might be more interested in performing physical activities than mental activities.

The Heart Line
Let's move to the matters of the heart. The heart line runs horizontally across the top of your palm. Heart line signifies your emotions. Well, emotions run high for those who have a straight heart line. A feeble or faint heart line indicates a very sensitive person. When the heart line is nearer to the index finger, such a person is cheerful. If this line is absent, a person places more importance to intellect than emotions. A broken or forked line might indicates troubled relationships or heartbreak.

The Love Line
Wondering how to read the love line? Do you see some small lines below the little finger? Love line tells you about marriage and relationships. The number of lines signifies the number of relationships you will have. If you just have one line, it indicates that you will love one person deeply throughout your life. The deepest one out of all these lines is basically your marriage line. Some of you might see faint lines around the marriage line. These are flings or short term relationships that you might have.

Reading Mounts on the Palm

If you want to learn how to read palms, you must know how to study mounts. This is also an important aspect of palm reading. Study of mounts gives insights on the planetary influences. The Jupiter mount is located at the base of the index finger. Those who have a developed or fleshy Jupiter mount are full of enthusiasm, ambition and have leadership qualities. Right below the little finger is the mount of Mercury. A fleshy Mercury mount indicates that the person is good at interacting and communicating with others. The mount at the base of the second finger belongs to Saturn. This planet bestows wisdom, so those who have a fleshy Saturn mount are balanced and wise. The mount of Sun is just below the ring finger. Those who have a developed mount are intelligent, successful, creative and full of life. The mount at the base of the thumb is that of Venus. If this area is raised or fleshy, one would be artistic, creative and passionate. Right under the mount of Mercury is the mount of Moon. A fleshy mount of Moon signifies great imagination. The middle portion of the palm is assigned to Mars. It bestows courage, so a person with a developed mount of Mars will be brave and will have a fighting spirit.

Learn to read your palm and see whether the lines on your palm tell you the truth or not. Palmistry is surely a fascinating subject, and now that you know how to read palm lines, I am sure you will have great fun as you read your palm.
By Smita Pandit
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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