How to Reduce Swelling of Hands

Hands swollen and you're yet to figure out why? This article tells you how to reduce swelling of hands and feet. Read carefully...
You're practically handicapped once your hands are injured, aren't you? For one of the most frequently used parts of the body, countless medications have been devised. However, we, ignorant humans that we are, tend to overlook all precautions, thereby, doing the forbade. Swelling in hands is one such problem which is a result of ignorance, allergies, and weather conditions that make you susceptible to getting your hands injured.

Medically termed as idiopathic edema, this condition is nothing uncommon today. We often get our hands injured at many instances, for example, knuckle swelling, broken finger or wrist, insect bites, hand accidentally slashed between two doors, or any hand injury. While these are some of the common swollen hand causes, some severe causes may include premenstrual syndrome, muscular growth of hands, kidney and liver diseases. You know the causes, but solution? Let's get acquainted with the causes and symptoms in detail, before we latch into knowing how to lessen the swelling of hands. Take a look at the following section.

Causes and Symptoms

As mentioned above, hand injuries are common causes of swelling in hands. However, many a time, this condition is often witnessed by women who are pregnant. While a woman is pregnant, the circulatory system tends to expand in order to provide blood to the growing fetus, and hence, when blood and fluid fuse to satiate the growing baby's requirements, the pregnant woman experiences swelling in hands, face, feet, ankles, etc. which is absolutely normal. On the other hand, abnormalities in kidney or liver are known to result in swelling hands for they are two vital organs in the body responsible for filtrating body fluids. In cases of abnormal functioning, the body retains water in excess, thereby, causing swelling in hands and fingers. Other causes could be arthritis, blood disorders, or any heart disease. Excessive swelling in fingers and palm, and reddened skin are prime symptoms of swollen hands.


Even though anybody can be prone to developing swollen hands, the ones obese or towards the plumper domain are at a much higher risk of swelling in fingers and hands. You see, many a time, you wouldn't even feel the need to visit a health care professional and want to seek relevant advice, as swelling in hands recovers on its own. However, if it doesn't, and keeps on worsening, this is how you reduce swelling in hands:

Firstly, many people get up with swelled up hands in the morning, and start panicking right away. The moment you realize your hands are swollen, start performing hand stretches, and clench your fingers. These exercises are found to be extremely helpful in promoting blood circulation, thereby, reducing swelling in fingers and ankle. Similar process shall be followed, in case you experience swelling in feet and legs.

Secondly, many people misconstrue the fact that fluid retention aggravates with consumption of water. And so, they stop consuming more water. However, this is not the truth. In reality, drinking more water would foster the flushing of all toxic fluids that are accumulated in the body, and hence, reduce swelling in hands.

Thirdly, if you're a dupe of swollen fingers, decrease the intake of salt in your food. Research claims, the intake of sodium in the diet augments the condition of edema like none other. Reducing salt in food, and eating raw vegetables would help in reducing swelling in hands.

Amongst other self care tips, one of the most important tips would be the avoidance of alcohol as it adversely affects the fluid retention in the body. You could substitute alcohol intake with water. What's more, if the symptoms aren't that severe, you could always use crushed ice over your hand. Ice is a well-known remedy to reduce swelling, wherever be it. If the swelling persists for more than 2 days, it's time you visit a qualified physician and get it checked.
By Veethi Telang
Published: 2/19/2011
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