How to Regrow Eyebrows

People who have thin or scanty eyebrow hair are always on the look out for how to regrow eyebrows. Read this article for different techniques that promote eyebrow hair regrowth.
Eyebrows define the eyes and also enhance the beauty of the face. Eyebrows are also used as a means of communication or expression of your feelings. Apart from these reasons (cosmetic as well as general), eyebrows also play a vital role in protecting the eyes from unwanted moisture, sweat and other harmful particles. The eyebrow shape, the thickness of hair etc., may vary from individual to individual. Some individuals have naturally thin eyebrows and which can be accentuated with the help of a few strokes of eyebrow pencil. But in some cases, due to an over waxing or plucking, illness, side effects of medications some individuals tend to lose eyebrows. The loss of eyebrows can make a huge difference in the appearance and hence, many of whom suffer from eyebrow loss are desperate to regrow their eyebrows. Let us take a look at the ways for how to regrow eyebrows.

Ways to Promote Eyebrow Regrowth

Eyebrows take a long time (usually 6 to 8 weeks or sometimes more than that) to grow back. Eyebrows can be lost due to various reasons like constant plucking, tweezing, waxing etc. They usually grow back but sometimes continuous sessions of chemotherapy or radiation can lead to follicle damage resulting in loss of eyebrows. This can be mostly observed in cancer patients. Whatever be the reason, loss of eyebrows can be distressing as it hampers the overall beauty and appearance of the face.
  • The main component of eyebrows is hair, which is made up of protein. Some individuals who have a deficiency of protein in their bodies, usually have scanty or thin eyebrows. Including a diet rich in proteins and vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin C will replenish the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Folic acid tablets also promote growth of well-defined and thick eyebrows.
  • You can use an eyebrow brush to lightly brush your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth. This will improve the blood circulation in the area and help regrow eyebrows naturally. You can repeat this procedure three to four times in a day.
  • Most of us are aware of the fact that a proper massage stimulates circulation of blood in the scalp which is effective in hair growth. The same applies for the eyebrows as well. Massage the area of the eyebrows gently with your fingertips. You can use castor oil, vitamin E oil or other essential oils like rosemary or sage to massage your eyebrows. There are also several products available in the market containing these essential oils and have proven effective for regrowing eyebrows.
  • For thinning eyebrows, you can use rogaine, which is a cream used for treating male baldness. The composition in this product activates the dormant hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. Apply this cream lightly on the eyebrows twice a day. You can see the results in about three weeks. Once you see hair growth in the area, reduce the amount of cream and once the hair grows completely stop the application completely. Exercise care and precaution while applying the cream, because if the cream goes into the eyes it can cause irritation.
  • If you feel that none of these methods for how to regrow eyebrows work, you can go for fake eyebrows or even for eyebrow hair transplant. You can also choose eyebrow tattoos according to your skin tone and which may look natural.
Eyebrows cannot be regrown if the follicles have been permanently damaged. Consult a dermatologist, who will guide you properly if you are planning to undergo a transplant or any other method to regrow eyebrows. Hope you found this article on how to regrow eyebrows informative and useful.
By Marlene Alphonse
Published: 9/20/2010
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