How to Remove Wallpaper Paste

The biggest problem that most people who are renovating their homes face is removing the wallpaper paste. This is one sticky situation to get into but it can be a whole load of fun if you can get some friends to join you in attacking the glue stained walls. Read on to know about how to remove wallpaper paste.
So you moved into a new apartment or may be you are just planning to give your room a face lift. But does that hideous wallpaper which you once thought was chic, stand in the way of your dream home? To make matters worse, the thought of spending so much time and effort on a wall to get the wallpaper off is just nerve-racking. This article can help you remove wallpaper paste painlessly, so if you want to know the best way to remove wallpaper paste, just sit back and read.

Wallpaper Paste Removal

Before you begin with removing wallpaper paste, it is important that you have certain things under your control. So first things first, make sure that the room you are attacking first is bare, otherwise you will end up with some pretty unattractive water stained furniture pieces. The next thing to do is to turn off the power and seal all the electric sockets in the room to prevent an Einstein inspired hairstyle. Can't see how this is related? Well, an unwelcome jolt of electricity passing through your body will make it comprehensible. Now that your preparation is taken care of, let's look into the products that you will need.
  • Bucket
  • Paint roller
  • Garden spray
  • Putty/finishing Knife
  • Drop clothes/old towels
  • Hard brush
  • Sponge
Wallpaper Glue Removal Solutions

If you are wondering how to remove wallpaper paste, then first, line the floor of the room with old newspapers or drop clothes. Then fill your buckets with warm water, you can add vinegar in the water as this will make it easy to remove wallpaper paste. Some people also use fabric softeners or dish washing liquids to do the same. If the wallpaper is of a recent make, this method may not be that effective. Then remove the existing wallpaper from the wall. For this, you may need to use the knife, else you can easily pull out the old wallpaper. How to remove wallpaper paste by another way? Well, you can use a wallpaper steamer as well, to get rid of the old wallpaper from your walls. This is also a good way to get all the pent up rage out.

After you are done ripping and tearing, use a brush roller or the garden spray to spray the walls with the mixture of warm water and the weapon of your choice. Wallpaper removal with fabric softener is one of the best ways to remove wallpaper paste. You could just use glue removal solution to make things easy. Let it soak in and set for a while. Then using the knife, try and scrape the stubborn lumps of paste or glue. It is best to use plastic tools to scrape the paste to avoid risking damage to your walls. Also try not to wet your walls too much. Using a towel, wipe the wall when you are done removing the paste.

The solution for some stubborn glue is to spray the mixture again on the spot and scrub away. The instruction on the wallpaper removal box should be clearly followed and if, at first, it is difficult to remove the wallpaper, spraying the wall with the mixture and perforating the wallpaper will help you get the desired results. The most important thing to remember is that while you are scraping the wall, you must not damage it and make sure that the old wallpaper and the glue is completely off before you begin with pasting new wallpaper. Hopefully, now removing wallpaper is relatively easy and your query regarding how to remove wastepaper paste have been answered.

Before you start to remove wallpaper paste, it is important that you know what you are getting into. Patience is the most needed skill to get this task done and never forget practice makes man perfect, so don't lose your temper and have some friends over and attack those walls!
By Gagan Dhillon
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