How to Select Tender and Fresh Coconuts

Do you drink coconut water? Then read on, to know how to select the most fresh coconuts for drinking.
I drink coconut water almost everyday, because I am simply impressed by its benefits, and love the taste of it. Coconut water has the same level of electrolytic balance, which we have in our blood, also it is naturally sterile.

During the Pacific War of 1941-45, coconut water was used to give emergency plasma transfusions to the wounded soldiers. So you see, it can be called the fluid of life! To select or buy a fresh and tender one, it is important that you learn how to pick the best ones. Here, are some tips.

How to Select Fresh Coconuts?

A stale or ripe nut will taste sour and tart in mouth, like champagne. (I have suffered this!) A fresh one is sweet and light, also a fresh one will have no malai which is the coconut meat, that looks like white tender fleshy substance.

If you find a small stack of these nuts at the store, or at the vendor then move on to a place where there are more coconuts available.

Pick Your Own
The vendors won't let you mostly choose the coconuts, because they already stack the water containing ones, and the malai containing nuts separately. But, be cool and select your own, even if the vendor is very eager to select it for you.

Size and Color
Always go for the medium-sized ones, and avoid the very small ones too. Go for ones which are green colored. The coconut should not have many green patches or strips, as gray color indicates that it is getting ripe.

The Sound of Water
To check if it has water, bring it near your ear and shake it vigorously, and pick the ones which give a good sloshing sound. A good coconut will have at least a cup of water.

In case you want to store the coconuts, and the vendor is insisting on selecting the nut for you. Then ask him/her to choose the one which has a lot of water, and tell them you wish to drink them now. Because, the vendor might give you a stale one, in case you tell him you want to take-away. Also, avoid using the straws as the discarded straws by people are reused by vendors sometimes. To store them at your home, keep them in a cool place.

So select fresh and tender coconuts with the above tips, and enjoy drinking the refreshing water!
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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