How to Speed Up Your Workout

Looking for a smarter way to work out? Here it is folks!
Jim Rohn once said, "Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live." This American entrepreneur was onto something. We owe it to ourselves to stay fit, and give ourselves a comfortable body to enjoy life.

Let’s admit it, working out can be kind of a drag after those tough work days. But, you gotta stay fit right? If you’re dead set on doing your workout (I applaud you!) but you need a little change, here are a few ideas to get you through your workout in no time:

Get Through Your Workout In No Time With These 3 Tips…

1. Make it one to remember!

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood to own that workout. You know this is gonna be a good one. Well, try bringing that same attitude into your next workout. I feel I’m most awake when I’ve had at least 3-4 glasses of water, 6-8 hours of sleep and snacks throughout the day. The more alert you are the less of a drag it will be because you’re awake and ready to roll! Here are 13 tips to make your next workout one to remember!

2. Change the scenery

Although it depends on your workout, a change of scenery never hurts. Sometimes when you get stuck in a routine and see the same tree every time you run by that same house, it can get a little boring. Spice it up and take a different route. For those of you gym rats, try using a different machine and keeping your body guessing, but make sure you know how to use the machines to avoid any injuries.

3. Distract Yourself

This one is the most fun out of all the options, at least in my opinion. I love cranking up the tunes when I’m working out at home. I find that when I play music, the workout tends to go a lot faster! But stick to the pump up tunes, I don’t think classical music is going to help you in this part of your day. Here are the top 100 motivating workout songs of all time, according to these folks.

Rock and Roll! Let’s Get Fit
Published: 7/9/2014
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