How to Start a Hair Salon

The following article provides some useful tips for starting a hair salon, which are sure to be extremely helpful to anyone contemplating getting into this business. Read on...
The first thing that you need for opening a salon is some hands-on experience in the field. If you are someone who has simply done a course in hair styling but has no experience whatsoever of actually working in a salon, it is suggested that you gain some experience first, before contemplating starting a business. Once you gain practical experience and have become good at the job, developed a passion for it, only then think of starting a hair salon. So for all those who are passionate about this craft and have the required skills, here are some useful tips.

Before attempting to start your own business, see to it that you have enough finances to last through at least a year cause most business would take that much time before they start making profits. If you do not have enough savings in your bank, postpone the idea for a few more months to give yourself time to save money. Also, finances would be needed to start up the hair and beauty salon too. So, you would need certain investors who would be willing to put money in your project. If you do not have any one backing you up, then again you have to earn and save enough so that you can invest your own money in the salon.

Complete all the legalities. If there are some permits or licenses to be obtained, make sure that they are in place. See to it that everything is done in accordance with the rules laid down by the local business bureaus. This is very important for opening a hair salon.

Salon Structure and Services
Before opening a hair salon business, plan in detail about the kind of services you would be providing. Whether you will be providing budget haircuts or catering to the high-end customers, how many employees you would need, where the salon will be located, how much space would be required, what kind of equipment you would need, what will be the working hours, will the salon be open on weekends, cost of services, etc. - everything should be planned well in advance.

Buying the Equipment
Whether you are opening a salon in your home or outside, there are certain equipment that should be in place to give the salon a professional outlook. Here is the complete equipment list:
  • Barber chairs
  • Carts and trolleys for storing tools and cosmetics
  • Hair styling station which includes a mirror, tool holders, storage drawers and an electrical outlet
  • Hair styling tools such as blow dryers, curlers, hair straighteners, etc.
  • Geyser
  • Scissors and hair clippers
  • Water sprayers
  • Hair processors
  • Hair brushes, combs
  • Mixing bowls
  • Other supplies and materials such as hair clips, aprons, hand held mirrors, towels, gloves, etc.
  • Hair care products like shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners, hair colors, etc.
  • Magazines for the entertainment of the clients
  • Posters to decorate the salon
Hiring Employees
The next on the agenda is to hire the employees. Trained employees, with prior experience and those who are committed and ready to put in their best efforts for a start-up should be hired. Besides technical skills, the hairdressers should have the requisite social skills to interact with the clients and keep them satisfied.

To start a hair salon and make profits, it should be well advertised so that the target customers know about it. Mostly, when it comes to hair salons, especially the smaller ones, the best advertisement is the salon's goodwill amongst the customers. "Word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement for any salon.

The two most important things that will ensure repeat business and loyal customers for you are the kind of services you provide as well as the location of your salon. So make sure that the salon is reachable and the services you provide surpass those of your competitors.
By Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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