How to Stop Condensation on Windows

Condensation on windows driving you nuts? Wondering how to stop it for good? Read the following article and you shall have your answers.
It gets so boring, doesn't it? You wake up one morning and go to the window to look out at the snow, and there it is - the window is all but covered with condensation and you can't see squat of anything outside. And why just the snow? It must happen in the car as well, so many times over. So then 'how to stop condensation on windows' has got to be one of the most commonly asked questions, and with good reason too. And it is this common dilemma that we will be tackling in the following article. The deal is that, the setting in of condensation is not merely a niggling discomfort, but could be a dangerous one as well, for instance when you're driving. But the basic point of the matter is, if you can't use a window for the purpose that it was meant to be used for, then what is the point of having it really?

How to Get Rid of Condensation

Before getting to the solutions on how to prevent condensation, there is a need to understand why condensation occurs in the first place. When the warm air settles on a considerably colder surface, there will be condensation in the form of water droplets. That is why condensation on windows is more common in the colder months and in the early morning. How to get rid of this condensation then? The following are some of the best ways of preventing condensation from affecting car windows and otherwise.

Get the Air Circulating
The best way to prevent condensation is to get the ventilation running well. Ventilation will automatically lower the humidity of the air and thereby get rid of the condensation on the windows. How do you get this to happen? The simplest method is to start the fan and let the air in the house circulate. This will lower the moisture. Similarly, the exhaust fans should be kept working when one has a shower or washes clothes. Do not stick the furniture to the walls so that there is more space for the air to circulate. Even though cracking open a window is probably one of the best and simplest ways of getting the condensation off, it might let in the cold drought from out, pretty much negating the point of keeping the window closed in the first place.

Use a Humidifier
In that manner, getting a dehumidifier is truly one of the best ways to lower the humidity in the home. Setting up a humidifier is simple and very efficient. Plus it is not noisy. So rest assured, all you do is set up a humidifier and you don't have to look into this aspect again and neither do you have to change any other setting in the home.

Products to Use
There are certain specialized chemical sprays and paints that can be used as a protective cover on the window surface. But there might be a need to keep reapplying the paint or spray through the day. This is one of the best ways to stop condensation making way on the car windows (One can start the AC or the heater in the car in order to match the temperature outside).

Take Preventive Steps
So what can be done to prevent the condensation? There are some well-known methods meant for especially this. For one, the windows can be protected by using double glazed windows, or specialized storm windows. These materials are specially made so that they keep the glass warm and thereby prevent condensation in that way. Other than that, one has to look into the varied ways by which the moisture inside the house can be prevented from increasing - not drying the clothes inside, covering the aquarium (if you have one) and making sure that there are lesser home plants.

How to stop condensation on windows? That's how you do it. That should help you with the problem perfectly well. So get to it and you don't have to witness another smoky window ever again.
By Rujuta Borkar
Published: 2/21/2011
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