How to Stop Water Pollution

Water pollution is something we've been trying to fight since a long time but it just gets worse with every passing year. Is it our failed attempt in trying hard or is it just ignorance that is bliss? We have to prevent this pollution and for that we need to learn how to stop water pollution, isn't it? The following article will tell you just that. Read on...
Water pollution is one of the leading causes of imbalance in our ecosystem. The dangers of this pollution are highly underrated, with very few things actually being done for its prevention. We have to be aware about all the facts related to this pollution and see what can we do to change things for the better. Before we get to know about the prevention of water pollution, let us take a minute and understand what water pollution is and what can be done to stop this pollution.

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies due to human interference and actions that lead to a disturbance in the cycles of our ecosystem. This contamination can take place due to a lot of reasons ranging from improper household garbage disposal to industrial waste or ignorance towards individual habits. Take a simple example. Things work in a particular pattern or a particular cycle, isn't it? A small disturbance in that pattern is going to cause problems in the proper functioning. It's the same with water pollution. The extent to which we pollute water is not only unforgivable but also stupid given the extent to which we are educated. Now that we know what water pollution is, let us move ahead to know what are the causes of water pollution, and how we can prevent it.

Learn What Causes Water Pollution and How You Can Prevent It

The reason why you must be reading this article is because you really want to know about the ways to prevent water pollution and do your bit by contributing to this cause, isn't it? That's certainly good news. The first step is to understand that you need to reduce your usage of water. The lesser water used, the less water you have to purify. The more quantity there is for purification, the less effective it is. Turn off the hosepipe or the tap next time you are washing dishes or watering your garden. Over-watering of gardens is a leading cause of water pollution.

Another step towards the prevention of water pollution is to control your habits. Do you flush pet waste or remove it with your hosepipe if it's in your garden? You need to stop doing that. Pick up the pet waste and throw it off in your bin. Do you flush tissues or sanitary napkins? Stop it now as this is one of the leading causes of water pollution. You are actually contributing to water pollution right at home. If you smoke, don't throw or stub your cigarette on the road. It will either be washed away due to the rains and will eventually hit the drainage system. This adds to the water pollution that already exists.

The toiletries that you use can also lead to the contamination of water because of the chemicals they contain. Some detergents, shampoos and gels contain phosphate. Phosphate is said to be one of the leading chemicals to cause water pollution. Next time, buy toiletries that are environment friendly. The fertilizers and pesticides that you use also contain chemicals that seep into the ground. You can prevent water pollution here, by using natural fertilizers such as compost and natural pesticides too. There are certain types of grass available that are drought-free. This saves the water you need and you also get to maintain the lawn.

Now that we have read enough on prevention that can be done at individual levels, let us just summarize the above information in points that would make it easier for us to follow.
  • Use less water
  • Use environment friendly products
  • Use naturally made fertilizers and pesticides
  • Pick up pet waste
  • Stub the cigarette in a box
  • Don't litter
Another thing I would like to add here is that preventing water pollution also includes cleaning of our surroundings. Litter on the river banks and near lakes and beaches, is eventually going to cause contamination of water. Next time, if you see waste lying around, pick it up and throw it at an appropriate place. Remember that not helping in the prevention of water pollution is in a way contributing to it.

Fact Files: Time for Awareness

Most of us think that water pollution is something that is limited to the contamination of water bodies that eventually go through the process of purification. In that case, you miss out on the most important part and that is the imbalance in the ecosystem. Let's take the rivers and lakes as an example. What do you think happens to the fish who survive in this water? They die. That's the truth. We all have heard of oil spills and acid rains but we don't understand the dangers they can possibly pose. During the Iraq war in the 90's, 900,000,000 barrels of oil hit the waters. Spills like these, still continue.

A lot of happenings around the world have proved the dangerous effects of water pollution over the years. One of them was the news that said around 100,000 to 300,000 black crappies were suddenly found missing in Minnesota. Black Crappie is a fish that breeds in the clear waters. Similar to this news was the one that declared the death of approximately 240,000 fish in Alabama along Tennessee River. The entire world is aware of the dangers faced by the polar bears. What do we do about it? Just like charity, the prevention of pollution starts at home.

Now that you know how to stop and prevent water pollution, you can go ahead and lend a helping hand. You will not only help the generations ahead but will also contribute to the survival of living beings. You don't have to do something extraordinary, just doing your bit at an individual level is enough. Help prevent water pollution, help prevent a disastrous tomorrow!
By Neha Joshi
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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