How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Is your boyfriend acting too mysterious and keeping to himself a lot lately? Are there signs that are shouting out to you and telling you something is wrong? Why wait then? Read the following article and know how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Don't waste any more time!
Infidelity is something nobody wants to deal with and for most, it is nothing less than a nightmare coming true. The trust in almost all romantic relationships is challenged at least once by it. Every woman, at one point or the other, doubts the loyalty of her partner. There are times when the curiosity or the doubts might just take insecurity to an entirely different level. If you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you, the best course of action would be this. Read the hints mentioned below. If you think that these hints are popping up every now and then, be patient and think things over. If you are eventually sure that there exists that 'somebody else', confront the situation immediately.

Some Hints That Tell If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

This is one behavioral change that can tell you if your boyfriend is cheating on you. He will ignore you as much as possible. If you take a few complaints to him, he will tell you he is busy and that he will deal with them later. If you tell him that someone at work is bothering you or maybe something at home, he'll tell you to deal with these issues on your own. He won't take much interest in listening to you and helping you calm down.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, he will be disinterested in everything you do. If you take up a new course, he might just react in the most unenthusiastic way or he may not react at all. If you tell him some good news, he'll be happy where he would usually be euphoric. If you even get an entire make over done, he might just say that there wasn't any need to get one in the first place. Every action of yours might seem unacceptable to him in one way or the other.

Lost Spontaneity
He won't be spontaneous towards his relationship with you anymore. His enthusiasm towards you might hit a terrible low. He might cancel out on dinners and lunches time and again or he may not take you out often. He might think it's a bad idea to spend time together when you guys can work and invest your time better. He might say he's tired every time you ask him to take you out. He might avoid all conversation. Every time a plan is made, he will drop it down.

Constant Complaints
He might start complaining a lot all of a sudden. Everything that you do or say might start irritating him suddenly. He'll start complaining about issues that never existed before. He might suddenly come across as someone who is very short tempered and cranky. Your questioning him or genuinely inquiring about his day at work might be perceived by him as interference. He'll start telling you that you nag him a lot. He might even say that this relationship is bothering him and his work.

Under Cover
This is one sign that will tell you that your boyfriend is surely cheating on you. If he tells you that your relationship with him needs to be kept under covers from everyone, you might as well consider it the end. He might give you reasons as to why this needs to be done, some of which might even seem genuine. But with time, if nothing seems to change, you are smart enough to get the signal.

If you have been dating him for quite some time now and there are issues that hint infidelity , you need to understand that there is someone else in his life and interpret these signs of a cheating boyfriend well in time. For example, he might suddenly be on the phone too much and if you question him, he'll probably tell you he's playing a game. He might suddenly develop this secretive nature wherein there will be no entry to you or your thoughts.

If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, take some time out, think; where have things gone wrong? Talk to him about it. Tell him what this relationship means to you and how important it is for the both of you. Be frank, be open. Try to figure out why things changed so much. Make him realize, the importance of being truthful. Tell him, untruthfulness has no place in a relationship and that infidelity means 'the end'...
By Neha Joshi
Published: 3/18/2011
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