How to Tone Your Abs

How to tone your abs fast? Follow a healthy diet and a moderate exercise regime to tone your abs quickly. Read the article to get complete information.
Following a controlled diet and moderate exercise regime is the secret to tone your abs in a month. Yes, following a healthy lifestyle with mild physical activity and a balanced diet not only will give you an impressive shape to your body but also can keep it in this state forever. To accelerate the process and enhance the effect, you can perform some abdominal exercises. Keep reading the article to understand these points in detail.


Physical exercise is a must to lose fat, build muscle, and hence tone your body. Therefore, stop leading a sedentary life and come into action. You don't necessarily need to join a gym or follow a rigorous exercise regime. If you do work strenuously, you will definitely achieve what you long for. But as a toned body aspirant, I understand that it is not possible for everyone to continue sticking to a tight workout regime for long. Hence, a sensible option is to bring some lifestyle changes that can keep you physically active throughout your life.

The first such change can be working out early in the morning. It is very beneficial as after 6-8 hours of sleep, your body is practically deprived of carbohydrates available to be used for energy generation. When you perform exercise in the morning, your body utilizes its fat deposits for energy generation, thereby reducing fat from all its parts including the abdomen. Therefore, make it a point that you workout for at least half an hour in the morning.

Cardiovascular exercises are the best bet for losing weight. Some examples are walking, running, swimming, cycling and aerobic exercises. Try to remain physically active throughout the day as well. Taking a stroll after every 2 hours, using the stairs whenever possible and covering small distances by walking will help a lot. Perform the following exercises after cardiovascular exercises in the morning to speed up the process of toning your abs fast. This is a highly effective way to tone your abs at home.

Exercise 1: Lay your body straight on the floor with the hands on their sides. Bend your legs such that the knees point towards your chest. Move the legs continuously in a peddling motion. Do it for at least 10 minutes. For the best possible results, perform this particular workout till you feel exhausted.

Exercise 2: Lie straight on the floor with your hands behind your head. Place your feet on a chair such that your legs are at a right angle with the upper part of your body. Lift your upper back off the floor and contract the abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for a minute. Come back to the starting posture, wait a second, and then again perform this ab workout. A rep of 20 is sufficient to tone your abs fast.

Exercise 3: Lie straight on the floor. Place the hands on their sides. Lift your legs such that they come parallel to the wall. Lift your hips off the floor without moving the rest of your body parts. Hold this posture for about half a minute. A count of 15 is enough to give positive results.


The second requirement to be fulfilled is a healthy diet. The typical abs diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers. It should have optimum amounts of carbohydrate as well as fat. A general belief is that if you avoid fat completely, you would lose weight pretty fast. It is true only to some extent. You will lose weight but may develop some other medical complication as your body needs some amounts of fat as well to stay healthy. Therefore, never think of avoiding fat completely. Instead cut short on its intake amount. Stay away from fatty, processed snacks and drinks.

When you aim to lose weight and tone your abs, you not only need to eat healthy stuffs but also eat them in a sensible manner. The first tip on sensible eating for toning your abs in a week is to have breakfast daily. Secondly, eat the foods in their portion size. Thirdly, do not have heavy meals. Rather eat the same amount of food in small amounts at an interval of 2-3 hours. Fourthly, do not eat any carbohydrate or fat after 6:00 p.m. All these things work together to increase the rate of your metabolism. A fast metabolic rate will make your body lose weight more quickly.

All the aforementioned propositions are the most effective ways on toning your abs quickly. Follow them on a strict and disciplined basis to discover the effectiveness of given tips on how to tone your abs fast. There is no doubt you will get a body shape that is envied by one and all. Here's wishing you good luck to achieve your goal.
By Kalpana Kumari
Published: 1/23/2010
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