How to Use Aloe Vera Juice for Constipation

Aloe vera is the wonder plant and one can benefit from it in a number of ways and for a number of ailments. In the paragraphs below, an account of how to use aloe vera juice for constipation has been given for your benefit.
Aloe vera is a succulent plant (has tremendous water storing properties) that is full of natural herbal properties. For hundreds of years, this plant has been in use for various internal and external maladies, from skin problems to diabetes. Among the various other uses, aloe vera is also used to relieve constipation. This becomes possible because aloe vera is a stimulant laxative that helps relieve constipation by softening the stool. As we know, constipation is a gastro-intestinal problem and aloe vera is a natural remedy for it. Here are some ways in which aloe vera can be used to relieve constipation.

Aloe Vera Juice for Constipation Relief

The aloe vera juice that is obtained fresh from the plant is the best for use as a laxative. If, however, you do not get the fresh extract, there is aloe vera juice available in the market that can be used instead. Here is how to use aloe vera juice for constipation.

Juicy Treat
If you are using the pure extract, take 2 tablespoons and mix with any juice of your choice. If you are using the commercial product, 1/3 portion of aloe juice and 2/3 of the other juice should be mixed to make the drink. This juice is best to be taken in the morning just after you get up, or at night before going to bed. If you can tolerate the taste of aloe juice by itself, you can consider taking a glass of aloe juice at night and in the morning to start the bowel movement.

Encapsulated Goodness
Alternately, many people use aloe vera capsules to get rid of constipation that is chronic in nature. The dosage of these should be first consulted by a physician. Some people use turmeric or funnel seeds along with the capsule due to its strong laxative action. Aloe vera juice can also be added to peppermint tea to make a constipation drink. This can help relieve cases of mild constipation. The recommended way to consume the juice is to take it for 5 days and then take a break of 2 days. This helps counter any side effects of long term use. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you may choose to take it daily.

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice at Home

If you have the aloe vera plant at home, here are two recipes that can be used to make the juice at home.

Recipe Making Procedure
1 Take the aloe vera plant leaf that has been freshly cut. Peel off the skin and remove the yellow sap that is present in it. The rest of the gooey transparent sap is the gel that you should use. A little amount of vitamin C powder may be added to stabilize it. Now you can mix this in other fruit juices to consume it.
2 Now if you want to make the juice only with aloe vera, take the plant pieces and boil them on low flame for about 40-45 minutes. Then let the solution cool off. The liquid that you get after straining is your aloe vera juice. You may consume it directly to reap the benefits.

The aloe vera juice is very beneficial for health but the taste, smell and texture may not be very palatable. Some people may have stomach cramps as a result of consumption of this juice. Also, the juice should not be consumed by pregnant women. They should consult the doctor for other constipation remedies. The person consuming the aloe vera juice should drink a lot of water. In general, water also helps in easy bowel movement.

So, this was a small treatise on how to use aloe vera juice for constipation. As a parting advice, I would recommend that you buy hand pressed, good quality product that has at least 90% aloe vera. Also, before undergoing the aloe vera treatment, it is best to consult your physician.
By Kundan Pandey
Published: 5/10/2011
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