How to Use an Ouija Board

Commonly believed to be a doorway to another world, Ouija board can be an enthralling experience if performed properly. Therefore, here are some guidelines on using it properly and safely.
Although one cannot affirm the time when Ouija board originated, it is believed that talking board or Ouija board has been around from the time of the Roman Emperor Valens in the 4th century. Moreover, it is also considered to have been used as a form of divination by the Greeks before the time of Christ. However, the modern Ouija board used for scrying, is a combination of two tools, one which is a wheel made of letters of alphabets and second is a glass, commonly a wine glass kept inverted in the center of the board. Though the layout of the Ouija board usually vary from country to country, the best layout is considered to be one which has the 'Yes' at the top of the circle and the 'No' at the bottom. The alphabets are placed in a circle beginning with the letter 'A' next to the word 'Yes' till the final letter 'Z' that finishes on the other side of the word 'Yes'. The nine numbers from one to nine are placed at the bottom of the board next to the 'No'. This was just a brief insight on how the board looks like, now let us see how to use an Ouija board safely.

Using an Ouija Board

Some people feel that an Ouija board can be dangerous to use while others consider it as a harmless diversion. However, it basically depends on who uses it, how it is being used and the type of entity one attracts. Here are some basic instructions on using the board alone or with two or more people.
  • Though normally it takes two or three persons to do Ouija, only one person can also perform it. But it is suggested that a person shouldn't do it alone and when done in pairs, a male and female is a better option.
  • The most appropriate time to do it is at night or late evening when there's less interference in the atmosphere. One can also create an atmosphere by darkening the room, lighting some candles and turning off the TV and music to minimize distractions.
  • Sit by facing each other, with knees touching if possible and the board on the laps rather than on the table.
  • Although anybody in the room can ask questions, it is better that only one of the user should ask, hence decide who is going to be the questioner or medium.
  • Keep your fingers lightly on the planchette, and once move the planchette around in a circle on the board to get it warmed up.
  • Do not let the board control the session, it should be you who has to control the entire session and so keep a polite but stern attitude. You can start by praying or announcing that the session will only allow an experience that is positive or towards a higher good and all negative energies or powers are not welcome.
  • When the board starts working, thank the board and the entities for coming and interacting with you. Start by asking simple questions that require a yes or no answer. Also be patient and polite as usually you don't get answers right away, so give the board and the entity some time to start responding.
  • Don't ask stupid questions like when am I going to die? Also, don't ask for any physical signs regarding the entity's presence as you may end up annoying the entity which can be harmful.
  • Once you are done with the session, closing the board is an important step which should be done properly. Start by thanking the entity, wish them peace and say goodbye. The entity would move the planchette to say goodbye and then you can pack up the board.
  • If the spirit or entity does not move the planchette to goodbye, then tell the spirit that you are saying goodbye and you want him/her do the same. If the spirit still denies to leave, then move the planchette and say 'goodbye and leave' in a stern, strong voice and instantly remove your fingers from the planchette. If you want to be more secure, slam the board on a hard surface or pass it through a candle flame.
Tips on How to Use an Ouija Board

Here are some simple yet important tips that you should kept in mind while using Ouija board.
  • Make sure the board is clean and dust free and so wipe gently with a dry cloth before starting.
  • Play sober, don't drink or smoke before using the board.
  • If the board starts giving rude, mean or vulgar responses, it is better to stop the session and close the board.
  • Sometimes, the letters are spelled out so fast that it becomes difficult to keep a track of what is being said, so it is better that you ask someone to pen down the answers.
  • Don't use the board for more than an hour or so, as you may end up tiring yourself and the spirits which can be harmful.
  • After using an Ouija board, pray and also indulge yourself in eating or drinking something.
  • It is not advisable to use the board more than twice a week as the board can become addictive to certain spirits and may invite negative or bad spirits.
Ouija board not only enables you to connect with another world, but it also reflects the mental attitudes of the person using it. Hence, don't act wacky or over-smart, just be yourself and have a meaningful and an interesting experience of your life.
By Kanika Khara
Published: 2/1/2010
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