How to Write a Resume for a Job

How to write a resume for a job? Well, that is a very good and important question there. Let's answer the questions shall we? Read the article for details.
A resume is the first impression that one leaves on an organization. It is on the basis of the resume that initial eliminations take place. So, if you really want to be in the heat and grind of the competition then it is safest to have a well-written resume. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind while writing a resume. Which is the reason why you are here, right? So, let's begin with steps on resume writing!

Steps on Writing a Resume for a Job

Step 1 -
When figuring out how to prepare a resume for a job, it is imperative for one to know about the company that one is applying to. Never prepare a resume without doing research on the company. While thorough research will be required for the interview, at least basic research is vital while creating the resume.

Step 2 -
Next step to knowing how to create a resume for a job is creating a good resume objective. In a resume, as per proper resume format, the objecting statement is what is written as well as viewed first. This objective is for your career, in general, not only your job in the company. With this objective, you can very easily let the organization know how ambitious you are and how high you want to reach!

Step 3 -
Depending on the job that you are applying to, and the nature of the field, you need to make sure that you draft the resume accordingly. For example, in case of a banking or law related job, the best option would be to stick to common fonts, white sheets of paper and black font color. Follow a more straightforward format in this case. However, for a creative job, you can choose to experiment with the resume format, depending on the company and the reputation of the seniors in it.

Step 4 -
Whatever you do, never ever forget a cover letter. A cover letter is a very important part of the resume. In fact, it can benefit you a lot. It acts as a buffer for the resume. Before the employer takes a look at the resume, he can gauge your abilities and capabilities from your cover letter. Keep the cover letter short and sweet. More so, make sure you add your career objective in the cover letter as well.

Step 5 -
Do not add any irrelevant information in the resume. That is another reason why research is important before writing the resume. For example, if the company has an office softball team, you can add the fact that you were a high school softball champion in the resume. However, if it is the kind of company that believes in all work and no play, this information will be irrelevant to them, right!

Step 6 -
In case of experience, you need to give your job profile and responsibilities in the resume. However, many people make a rookie mistake of including the salary amount as well. Do not do that. In case you are asked to produce the salary slips as a part of the joining procedure, that case is different, but never reveal your previous salary before the salary negotiation is done.

Step 7 -
Neatness and clarity are of the essence in a resume. Always keep that in mind. Do not go about rambling in the resume. Keep things simple and to the point. You can use your amazing vocabulary to floor them during the interview, if that is what you want.

These seven deadly steps should help you out to, not only create a great resume, but in helping others do the same as well. This is where I sign off!! All the best!
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 1/27/2010
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