How to Write a Short Bio

A few strong words, and you have a piece of writing that speaks volumes. Know how to write a precise biography in the write-up to follow below...
I'm interested in writing a short bio, but:
  • I've never picked up a pen in my life.
  • My vocabulary is disappointing.
  • Words dread me.
  • Would someone else write it for me, instead?
Ah, take a chill pill! You're the kind of reader I needed. Sit in.

It all goes back to the day when I first signed up on a prominent social networking site, Orkut. They have an 'About Me' section where you can put forth information about the person you are, the achievements you have, your strengths, and your weaknesses. In an attempt to be one of the coolest people on the site, I dropped an entire Webster's dictionary! Perhaps, just to create that first impression on anyone who visits my profile. While you might think of me as an air-headed person associating a biography with a social-networking site, the idea behind narrating this instance was nothing but to tell you the importance of the first impression. Yes, language in a biography may differ to that of a social-networking site, but it's all about creating that effect on your customer that leaves him bemused.

A biography is nothing but a compilation of events and happenings in a person's life. In your life. However, the details, the terminology, and the sophistication may differ, or should I say upgrade, with added information and achievements. According to me, if one wants to know the basics of writing a short bio, the only aspect that would take ninety percent of the share would be precise but influential words. Yes, that's what I call a consummate bio. But how to write it? The following cluster of words will tell you about it.

Writing a Short Bio on Yourself

A short bio, and that too when you have a lot to share? Well, writing a bio may sound like a cake-walk, but actually isn't. No, I didn't mean it's as difficult as writing a book. Certainly not! However, one often gets befuddled as to what could you include? What could you exclude? How to write a bio on yourself that is fun to read? The following steps will help you escape that vacillation, when thoughts are more, but words are less.

First things first, settle on the word limit. You cannot keep writing on and on, leaving the word limit way behind. A digit in mind would let you think accordingly of stuff you want to include, and you may make out between what is important to include, and what isn't. Some autobiography examples will provide you with an idea of the word limit.

Secondly, people love reading things that are precise. Setting a word limit on yourself doesn't mean you make a dissertation out of your biography! Less is more. When you have compiled the information you want to include in your bio, think about what is it that would attract the audience the most about you? You are a reader in your own way. If you like reading precise information, your readers will do it too. These 'about me' ideas would surely help you in writing a short bio on yourself.

Thirdly, make it eye-catching. Please, please. Even if it's a professional bio, don't be oh-so-formal! Be dramatic (not too much). Use a good inspirational quote from a famous author that describes your life too. Some humor is not bad for health too (wink!). A bit of wits, and a tinge of creativity will pave the way to a winning biography!

Fourthly, write in brief about your achievements and qualifications. People would want to know what you do. Remember, do not brag about yourself too much. That would sound like a quintessential self-appraisal doc! Awards, recognition, memberships, and a tad-bit of achievements on personal level too are apt. Now, I am sure you are not at the loss of words to describe yourself any more.

Lastly, do not forget to mention your sources of contact. The entire purpose of writing a bio would go futile and in vain. If people like your biography, certainly, they would want to contact you. It is essential to include all contact numbers you have, and keep updating your biography on a regular basis. You do not want to miss out on even a single opportunity, do you?

Pick up that pen you always dreaded. Ah, well, switch on that computer, I should have said instead (technologically challenged I am sometimes!). Refer to a few biographies of some famous people you know, and get an idea of the language used, and humor added. Acquire the notion, and use that example of a short bio for yourself. Be straightforward, but compassionate (and passionate too!) in your words. Undoubtedly, you'll grab all the limelight you deserve!
By Veethi Telang
Published: 11/29/2010
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