How to Make Money Fast

Are you looking for ways to make some quick bucks over the weekend? Here are some ways to make money fast, that will help you out.
Everybody can do with a little extra cash in their hands. Most of us have a fixed job, fixed working hours, fixed income and fixed expenses every month with little or no savings. However, suddenly an unforeseen expense arises and throws your whole budget out of the window. A little extra cash can help a great deal in such a situation. There are many ways of making quick bucks in little time. However, such fast money making ideas won't actually make you rich. You will just have an extra cash flow to cover your minor expenses. Nonetheless, it is a great idea to put your free time to some good use and make money fast.

How to Make Money Fast

Day Labor
If you are a 'handy-man' type of a guy, then this money making idea is best for you. However, you might have to swallow your pride before you look out for a labor job. There are various jobs available in construction, gardening, painting etc. If you approach an employment agency and get your name enrolled for a day labor job, you can get a job that pays you in cash at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can approach builders or contractors and offer your services to them. However, if you landed a job on your own, make sure you are not being underpaid or worse, get yourself injured without any compensation to cover your medical expenses. Day labor is also not a great option for women or people with certain physical limitations. In that case, go to our other ways to make money fast, that are listed below.

Yard Sale
Yard sale or garage sale is a great way of making some real money without much efforts. Collect all the unused items in your house that are still in good condition. Old clothes, musical instruments, pieces of furniture, antiques, all fetch a very good price at such sales. Price your items at half the price than what people would pay at a shop. Although, you might lose a share of your profit, you can still make good money and most importantly rid all the old things in your house. However, make sure you advertise your yard sale on a large scale by putting up yard sale signs in your neighborhood. This way, you can expect a good turn out.

Sell Your Talent
Can you sing, dance, perform magic or tell a joke? If yes, you can make some money by selling your skills. Inquire at a local club, if they can give you an opportunity to exhibit your talent. Or perhaps you could perform at a mall or on a busy street. However, you need to be really good at what you do, else you might find yourself in some serious trouble.

Money Making Tips For Kids

Light labor Jobs
The options of making quick bucks for kids are simply innumerable. You can distribute newspapers in your neighborhood by applying for a job in newspaper distribution agency. You can also call some small businesses and offer to distribute flyers and pamphlets for them. You can even approach your friendly neighbors and offer to mow their lawns or wash their cars. Babysitting little kids in your neighborhood is also a great option of making money. Alternatively, you can also walk your elderly neighbor's dog or look after their pets while they are on vacation.

Sell Stuff
If you are a teenager, you can think about yard sale to sell your old stuff that is no longer in use. Smaller kids can think about selling candies or gums outside school or supermarkets. A lemonade stall during summer is also a good way of making money for kids. Baked goods are yet another products that often get good returns. Sell some freshly baked homemade cookies or cakes and gain a great profit at the end of the day.

Sell Arts and Crafts
If you are a particularly artsy kid, you can make homemade greetings and sell them during Christmas or holiday season. You can also sell your pottery or hand painted artifacts. You can even consider about displaying your work in an exhibition, with the help of your parents or an older friend.

While going for any of the above ways, do not expect huge returns in little time. Nonetheless, you can certainly expect to get rid of some of your financial woes.
By Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Published: 6/11/2010
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