4 a.m. thoughts that wake me up.
Hush, now gently sleep my love,
Blessed are you by Gods above,
Wondrous dreams are there for you,
Daytime comes to make them true.

Fairies play in yonder field,
Laughing as your pain is healed,
Dance away your saddened care,
Seek the joy, if you will dare.

The silent tree stands strong alone,
Branches reaching, seeking home,
Darkest shade beneath the boughs,
Resting now as time allows.

Hush my love, rest your mind,
Relax, be still, our hearts entwined,
Breathe slow and gentle, deep and soft,
Watching now the birds aloft.

Hush, dear one, come rest with me,
The silent stars await,
Together let us learn this life,
Forever free away from strife.
Published: 5/28/2013
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