Hyperactivity in Dogs

An active dog is welcomed in the family as he can guard the house properly thus, making best guard dogs. But, there are times, when these active dogs tend to become hyperactive which can invite lots of problems.
Hyperactive dogs can create havoc in the neighborhood as well. Hence, care should be taken that your dog does not become hyperactive and if at all he is hyperactive, try to bring him to normal condition. Below, I have given causes and symptoms of hyperactive dogs. Also, I have given tips on how to control hyperactivity in dogs.

Causes of Hyperactivity in Dogs
  • Dogs who are high in energy and do not have any outlet for it are more prone to hyperactivity.
  • It is usually observed in those, who are bored and do not exercise enough.
  • Not only are physical factors responsible, but emotional factors also contribute to this problem.
  • Sudden hyperactivity in dogs can be due to some severe medical conditions.
Symptoms of Hyperactive Dogs

The main and the most commonly observed symptom is of hyperactivity in dogs is that they will appear to be restless. You will always observe them doing some kind of movement like moving his tail, spinning in circles, staring here and there, etc. The dog will also tend to behave in an abnormal way. Dogs hyperactivity will also make him behave in a destructive manner.

Tips for Dealing with Hyperactive Dogs
  • If in the young age, you notice that your pet dog is hyperactive, then train him accordingly.
  • If a grown up dog is becoming hyperactive, punish him. But, make sure that the punishment is not very severe. If, the dog obeys and follows all your orders, do not forget to reward him. At times, you can just ignore his hyperactivity because punishing him often will not have a good effect on the dog.
  • If your dog has too much of energy then make sure that he has an outlet for it as well. You can take him for a walk in open fields or parks where in he can play, exercise and walk. This will consume a bit of his energy. But at times, these dogs tend to walk miles. Hence, care needs to be taken in such cases.
  • Also, make sure that you do not leave the hyperactive dogs alone. They should not be left alone at home nor outside as they can be quite destructive.
  • You can also allot some work to the dog where in, he can utilize his energy and also he can spend his time. The task that is given to the dog should be such that he will have to focus a lot to complete the task.
  • If he is behaving in hyperactive way, do not boost his behavior.
  • A soothing fragrance is known to calm human beings. In the same way, it can also calm dogs. Hence, subject the dog to this kind of fragrance which can show a positive effect in him.
Diet also plays an important role in the dog's behavior. Hence, make sure that you feed the dog with best quality dog food. Try to avoid sugar or any other sweet food in his meals. Also, give him dog obedience training at a young age. After he grows up, you can give him the training after a few days regularly. Make the dog exercise regularly and also make sure that you design a proper schedule for his daily activities and take care that the dog follows it regularly. The dog illness should be treated without any delay as it might further give rise to hyperactivity in dogs.

In spite of trying all possible ways, the hyperactivity in dogs is not reduced, you can take him to the veterinarian who will suggest an appropriate treatment for your pet.
By Palmira S
Last Updated: 10/7/2011
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