I Accept Not

Translation of an Urdu poet's interpretation of 1980s dictator regime. The poet is a famous person all over the world. His name is Habib Jalib and most of his work centers around Socialist ideals.
The system that favors a select few,
And aims to provide for just them,
And that, which bows to expedience,
I accept not, such a system,
I accept not such a start (a dawn without light).

And what's with you trying to scare me?
With the horrifying imagery of prison confines?
O Oppressor, your oppression and ignorance,
I dread not,
I accept not.

And you, for centuries, gnawed at our peace,
But no more!
No more, will we let you oppress us, with means and power,
Whose claim originally lay with the People,
So how do you expect me to,
Accept you as sympathizer of my woes?
I accept not,
I accept not.
Published: 8/11/2014
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