I Am Broken

Simply how I feel...
Broken heart, broken mind,
Raging loud I scream,
Many hear me in my cries,
As I lay trapped within this dream.

Broken body, broken soul,
Overwhelmed by my despair,
Angels guide me back to you,
Saying you must go back there.

Broken sleep, broken hope,
A gentle touch I crave,
A simple hug will heal me now,
And lead me from my grave.

Broken heart, broken soul,
I'm shattered and betrayed,
The bloody pieces of my life,
Spread before you all arrayed.

Broken life, broken dream,
No chance of making whole,
Though scars and bruises heal in time,
I'm trapped within this role.

Healing body, healing mind,
Healing heart and soul,
To laugh and smile, and love again,
That is my only goal.
Published: 6/24/2013
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